Must See Biden: If These Governors Won’t Help, I’ll Use My Powers…

Must See Biden: If These Governors Won't Help, I'll Use My Powers...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden: “If these governors won’t help.. I’ll use my power as President to get them out of the way.”

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If this was trump saying that, Democrats would no doubt act like it was an actual murder threat.

This guy is a tyrant. Only non-compliance will do.

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WHAT POWERS?!!!!! This stupid old senile garbage bag barely has the power to let Jill change his depends. He sure can’t do it himself!


So, why don’t Joe and his demonRATs threaten Afghanistan, China, Russia and our enemies like he does to us?

Why aren’t our citizens paying attention to this whopping reality?

Harry Balls

Biden is an asshole!


While Biden comes across as a doddering old fool, he is certainly under the control of and acting for much more powerful and sinister behind-the-scenes puppeteers.


Wow! If that isn’t a wake up call to tyranny. This nut nugget is a precursor to a dictatorship. We have not come that far since 1933. Biden is drunk with the power he is led to believe that he possess. Power corrupts. He is about as corrupt as they come.

Stuart Krisel

Powers from Lucifer