Must See: Biden Has Left Us in a Hostage Crisis…

Must See Biden Has Left Us in a Hostage Crisis...
Image From Video Below...

Fox News – Watters slams Joe Biden for chaotic withdrawal of Afghanistan on ‘Watters’ World’

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The only lockdowns America wants to see is the lockdown of their politicians in jail!

Let’s not forget all those rare earth minerals, necessary for a green energy economy. He just handed China an Afghan “government” that will help them increase their global monopoly on rare earths. Way to go, Big Guy. Hope they’re giving you a decent cut.

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Make that the Demonrat party has us in a crisis.

John J

God Bless America, please Lord spare us from the democrats


the BEST thing to happen to our country is kicking biden and his hoe v.p. and the skank pelosi out of the peoples white house and putting our true president back in our president trump i always thought that carter was the worst president but boy oh boy the dementia idiot parasite in our white house is a total DISGRACE