Must See: Biden Checks His Phone During Moment of Silence…

Must See Biden Checks His Phone During Moment of Silence...
Image From Video Below...

The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden seems to be checking his phone in moment of silence.

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He’s not speaking to the American people, he speaking to the teleprompter. And it’s very creepy to watch him do this

First his watch, now his phone. He shows how he doesn’t care.

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Old Feeble Joe

C’mon man!….That’s just Old Joe exhibiting his skills at being able to multi-task!


Comrade Beijing Joey is One Brainless and Coldhearted S .O .B ! 😎😎😎😎

Ginny Rocco

This man (dementia Joe) is a disgrace to the presidency. I know headboard Harris (the only way she got ahead, is sleeping with her boss) is no better but come on man this guy is looney tunes.


Maybe he was using a moment timer