Must See: Biden Caught Calling Peter Doocy a ‘Stupid SOB’

Must See: Biden Caught Calling Peter Doocy a 'Stupid SOB'
Image from video below...

Dinesh D’Souza – That was uncalled for

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no biden.u are the stupid son of a bitch

But Trump had “mean tweets”….


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charles A wilkins

Biden and his band of misfits are not faithful to their oath of office, Stupid fxxxing laws, Stupid fxxxing reporters, DEMOCRATS KEEP BREAKING THE USA LAWS AND JUST DON’T CARE, TIME FOR VOTE THEM OUT, PELOSI CHEATS, WHERE ARE THE INSIDE TRADER INVESTGATIONS, CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, DEMOCRATS SAY FXXX YOU AMERICA. ( Patriotic post .com} Former White House doctor Ronny Jackson has called for President Joe Biden to undergo a cognitive test, citing his shocking performance during his Wednesday press conference marking his first year in office. Everybody is stupid except joe biden, and of course the smartest man he ever met, was hunter biden, the corrupt fantasies of joe biden’s world of criminallly insane bull shit. The biden crime family should be forced to return all the money they have accepted from Russia and China. Pay to play is a crime against the the United States when they broke the oath trust of his sworn office

Tom Zaffaroni

Get your story right. It was the 45th Dumbo that was in love with Russia and China. Where does all his and his princess Ivanka branded clothes come from? China!! You are so clueless that you said everything about DJT and just like a typical CT clown blame it on someone else.

Tom Zaffaroni

Petey boy Doocy’s daddy got him that job. Pretty sad when other reporters look at him and tell to sit down and shut up. Commend President Biden for making fun of little Doocy