Must See: As Usual, Biden Walks Away…

Must See: As Usual, Biden Walks Away...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden walks away as usual ignoring the press.

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Such a disgraceful loser. So the border, Afghanistan, Milley…. Nothing matters.

He’s got to get to a sink and wash the blood off his hands before it starts to dry! But it will never wash off Joey.

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Sexually assaulting women and children doesn’t bother him, so killing innocent people wouldn’t either.


While trump stood there and took all the BS the delusional democrats thru at him , never turning away but facing them head on . This coward runs like a little bitch . Who’s the adult again ??? I don’t see one , do you ??? It’s time the deplorable republicans step up their game and do what’s needed to get rid of this fake president once and for all . You know … like the delusional democrats tryed to do to trump . Use the same corruption the delusional democrats did to get rid of them . Use the same broken laws they do . It seems to work well for them . Use the army against them like they did against you and the people . Something has to be done and it needs to be done now . It’s only going to get worse . You can’t depend on the people voting for the delusional democrats . They see what’s going on but don’t seem to care . Look at the ones on the view , you can’t get any stupider then them . No matter what the delusional democrats do they think it’s great . Go figure . Stop the corruption now or it will be to late . The delusional democrats wont stop on their own . We need real men with balls running the country , not little bitchs like old Joe and Obama . Free America again with real adults


The Elites want Globalism, they control the Democrats and will destroy the country to impliment their initiative of Globalism.

Ronald Dunne

I’d like to know what all the flags behind him are there for, and WHY the US flag is BEHIND the others? THAT simply ISN’T proper flag protocol here in the States. Surprised he doesnt have a Mexican and Taliban flag too..


At what point does Nasty Uncle Zhou Biden just throw up his hands and say, “This is too much! I quit!”


He can’t comprehand that he is being used to destroy the USA, his Wife Jill is an evil woman, she should have stopped him from letting them put him up for election, but she wanted to be FLOTUS, 13 GI’s are dead, $83 Billion in sophisticated military equipment given to the evil enemy.
Remember the media are run by the Elites who want Globalism, they will destroy the country to impliment their plan. If there’s no civil war or militia’s we are doomed!


Biden has NO conscience.

Stacy Dougherty

Biden conscience is sheared! I think him walking away like a trained dog is so insulting and Rude! Obviously he cannot handle a Presidential position he is weak and powerless to Run the Country! The democrats knew he would be the best puppet! I say Just prop him up next to the juke box.