Must See: AOC Tries to Justify Her ‘Tone Deaf’ Dress Stunt…

Must See: AOC Tries to Justify Her 'Tone Deaf' Dress Stunt...
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Newsmax TV – Rep. AOC tried to justify her ‘tone-deaf’ Met Gala political stunt Monday evening. “She’s here to ‘burn down’ the very system that allows a ridiculous person like her to flourish,” says Dave Rubin.

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A United States Congresswoman behaving like Paris Hilton. Children should not be elected officials.

And she got the dress with tax payers money. This is ridiculous.

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Looked like streaks of blood. Perfect for the self-flagellating wealthy. No sackcloth and ashes for them, though

Democrats are evil

Oh shut up AOC. You have a fat a$$, you wear 1930’s lipstick, and no body cares about you.

Joz Lee

from her push for green days, names she earned….. AOC saga? stunt? or just? a ‘moron’ underwhelming silly alexiiiiannndria OrcarzzzZZZzzooO GREEN whackadoodle! redefining stupidity. a complete ”egomaniac”. “pompous little twit.”


How the hell is it POSSIBLE that this Bimbo child/woman is a member of Congress?????


Press/media turned her into an instant celeb. Uninformed voters automatically think “she must be really something” and they “know” her name on the ballot!!

Ronald Dunne

She’s on the Dem ticket from NYS, she’s a schu-in..

Ronald Dunne

Idiots in NYS voted for her- maybe on Dominion voting machines! From the state that inflicts Chuckie Schemer and Hillabeast on the country.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ronald Dunne

This young woman has made even more inane and/or ridiculous statements than even the most unknown, junior congressperson ever, and yet because she was liberal, young and attractive the “Press/Medica” turned her into a celebrity and from “That” they all act like she has some special wisdom!?? She doesn’t seem to have gained an ounce of wisdom since her bartending discussions with the clientele, probably because she is so busy potificating on some subject she seems to have no expertise in what so ever, and not a bit of time trying to learn her job and responsibilities and what ideas might actually be workable with her liberal outlook!

Ronald Dunne

What a waste of human DNA…. But she’s obviously not alone in that..

R p

The best part of her went down the TOILET ! Or on the SHEETS.

R p

U put lipstick on a PIG it will still look like a PIG ! 🐷🐷🐷🐷