Must See: A Sitting US President Now Runs Cover for the Taliban…

Must See: A Sitting US President Now Runs Cover for the Taliban...
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Ben Shapiro
– Shapiro breaks down how Biden’s hasty evacuation of Afghanistan has turned the American government into the public relations wing for the Taliban.

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I can’t stand Biden’s mumbling face spitting out lies and ignorance.

*Taliban executing Christians and selling women into slavery* Joe Biden, our president: They are really trying to turn over a new leaf.


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All hail talaban joe! Savior of Islam

American man

just goes to show you much he cares about American lives and this country he sold us out, next he will praise China when they take over Taiwan then they will have a door open to attack us.


This whole mess has Bath House Barry written all over it.

Mansa Dumbre

Yep. He still hates the nation in which he was supposedly born and in which he has been so successful.

Mansa Dumbre

This whole surrender and accommodation with a sworn enemy has the thumbprints of Obama all over it. I think he still retains those massive chips on his scrawny shoulders even after all he has managed to collect from the nation he still hates.

Old Dawg

Zhao Bi-den… the dastard!