Mugger taunts police after committing 3 robberies: ‘I know I’m getting out’…

Mugger taunts police after committing 3 robberies: 'I know I'm getting out'...
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Fox News
– Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder says Democratic bail reform has emboldened criminals.

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If criminals have no consequences for their actions, then they will continue and escalate until they do, which is usually to late.

I’m out of empathy. I don’t believe in rehabilitating criminals. There’s only one way to deal with them. The public taking action will become more prevalent as this goes on.

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sure he knows he is getting out. it is called BLACK PRIVILEGE.

White privilege does not exist, but Black privilege is everywhere.

Every black person in america who claims oppression is a treasonous liar.


and when the black thug gets out of jail – i say the people who were robbed, or mugged as the right to go after the perpetrator. stuff s t


Another nagger

Dan French

This is a planned goal of the Socialist Democrats. One of the main steps to destroy a free society is the break down of law and order.————————- #DNC D-emocrats N-ow C-ommunist.

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