More On the George Floyd Mural Struck by Lightning…

More On the George Floyd Mural Struck by Lightning...
Image from video below...

Newsmax TV – A Mural dedicated to the death and memory of George Floyd in Ohio was reportedly struck by lightning, and Newsmax’s Chris Salcedo reacts. – via The Chris Salcedo Show, weekdays at 5PM ET on Newsmax

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God has spoken—Stop worshipping criminals!

And evil shall be struck from the face of the world. God has shown his displeasure of honoring evil.

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Here’s your sign from the highest power … GOD … the delusional democrats don’t want god in our life’s . they want the devil and the corruption of the dark side . They don’t belive in god or of a higher power then theirs . For all that go to church and act like the righteous , it’s all a punch and Judy show . Biden said he’s a good catholic when he’s in church , but then go’s home and touchs his and others granddaughter . This is what happens when the delusional democrats think their above god . Is this what you signed on for when you voted for him ??? It’s a painting of a criminal that played one to many games for richs of others . Like the delusional democrats do . It never ends well for anyone .

brian fronek

not only has he been touching grandkids but hes been touching other peoples kids and wives he has a problem with keeping his hands to himself,if i had girls he would be the last one i would let them around hes just and old serial pedophile.


How fitting that lightning should strike thee image of a career criminal that the public has raised up as a role model and hero.


If that isn’t a sign from GOD, nothing is. Wake up u non=believers, we are in the last days, and all hell will be brought down on America, if law and order, and our belief in GOD isn’t restored, and if incompetent, hidenbiden, isn’t removed.