Monday NFL Ratings Seal the Worst Week Ever


Fans may have boycotted the most-favored sport, plummeting the NFL ratings on its worst week ever.

ESPN ratings on Monday Night Football saw a two-digit drop versus the previous year. Steelers-Giants MNF dropped 27 percent from last year amid all the pre-game drama.

The folks in Bristol should have learned from the season opener to leave the “social justice wokeness” outside the sports section.

Amid promotions of Black Lives Matter social justice demonstrations, fans may have instead been insulted with their athlete’s idols lecturing about racism. The “new normal” in the football league doesn’t seem to appeal to the viewers who have continually boycotted the show in its first week.


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During pre-game, the BLM anthem plays before the national anthem, with some players even kneeling during the Star-Spangled Banner as a show of protest. The athletes wear apparel such as shirts printed with Black Lives Matter icons.

On Monday, the Pittsburgh Steelers – New York Giants match had a 17 percent drop from last year. A staggering 27 percent drop, equivalent to 2.5 million, was recorded in the second game between Tennessee Titans and Denver Broncos.

In June, the Broncos showed up at a protest in downtown Denver wearing shirts with a confrontational slogan. “If you ain’t with us, you against us” boldly printed on the athletes’ clothes in support of George Floyd.

The Monday Night Football rating patterns a collapsing trend which began in Kansas City Chiefs vs. Houston Texans season opener on Thursday. Another double-digit drop was recorded on Sunday night between the LA Rams and Dallas Cowboys.

So far, the only game seemingly worth watching stars Tom Brady. Brady’s first game with the Buccaneers on Sunday saw a higher rating.

As most states are still on lockdown, one would think that the fans are tuned-in to every game. Yet, the ratings tell us otherwise.

Outkick reported that an estimated 1.2 million fans are not watching the games in the field. In theory, the absent fans must be watching at home, adding to the television numbers and ratings. OK, further reported that out-of-home viewers had been added for the first time in the rating process.  

However, the numbers still don’t match, which implies that most might just have boycotted the show altogether.

The social stigma runs heated in most states, while unrest and continuous protest by the BLM and its subsidiaries rummaged every street. Fans boycotting the pro-BLM-show might simply mean, “We’ve had enough.”

The folks in Bristol should know better than to mix sports with social and political issues. Numbers don’t lie.