Mom Reads Sexually Explicit Book Found in School Library: School Board Cuts Her Mic…

Mom Reads Sexually Explicit Book Found in School Library School Board Cuts Her Mic...
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Charlie Kirk
– Mom Reads Sexually Explicit Kids Book—School Board Cuts Her Mic Before She Can Fully Expose Them

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Sobriety Sword

1 day agoThey censored there what they won’t protect our kids from.

This is what every parent should be doing. Take action!

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Well, there is nothing here to see or read, so one cannot judge. However, I have heard and seen on FOX News weeks ago, the same type of pornographic fiction read to a school board by an outraged mother. The ruination of the very young generation will be the end of this country. Americans must not stand for this. Visit your children’s school, go to school board meetings and voice your concerns, run for a place on the school board, call for cameras in the classroom. Save this nation for generations to come. Stop the communist crawl.