Minneapolis Collapses After Floyd Death as ‘Brazen’ Daylight Crime Explodes

Minneapolis Collapses After Floyd Death as 'Brazen' Daylight Crime Explodes
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The brutal murder of George Floyd is a sensitive subject to many. However, blaming the entire Police Department for the fault of a few rotten apples was a recipe for the unfolding disaster in the city.

The incident of the George Floyd murder has permanently altered the picture of Minneapolis. The city of Minneapolis that was once thriving has now become the hub of criminal behavior overnight.

The murder of George Floyd

The gruesome murder of George Floyd took place on May 26th, 2020. George Floyd, A black American of 46, was suspected of having supplied a counterfeited a $20 bill for cigarettes.

An employee at Cup Foods, the store from where Floyd bought the cigarettes, called the Police on the suspicion. Two white officers, James Kueng and Thomas Lane, arrived at the scene to arrest Floyd. Floyd said he was sick and felt claustrophobic.

There was some struggle, after which a third police car arrived. Officer Derek Chauvin emerged, taking charge of the situation. Chauvin ended up pulling out the handcuffed Floyd from the car.

As Floyd fell on the pavement, Chauvin placed his knee on his neck as he was lying face-down. After struggling under the restraint for 8 minutes, repeatedly claiming that he couldn’t breathe, Floyd finally stopped breathing.

Growing crime rates in Minneapolis

Ever since the incident of George Floyd’s murder, the city of Minneapolis has lost all faith in the Police Department. And that can never be good news.

Law enforcement has lost all control over the public, and, as a result, crime reigned.

The criminal activities that often took place in the dark of night are now being fearlessly conducted in broad daylight. Daylight burglaries, car thefts, and other personal and property crimes have become an everyday affair in the city.

Under the Democrats, who seem almost desperate for violence, Minneapolis has become ground zero for other crumbling American cities.

Minneapolis crime reports by CBS

CBS’s station in Minnesota, WCCO-TV, has reported several incidents taking place in the crime-stricken city of Minneapolis.

Using the crime data of the Minneapolis Police Department, they have discovered alarming statistics. Throughout 2020, up to July 26th, 2,170 vehicles have been reportedly stolen. There’s a hike of 46% in comparison to the reports of 2019.

The rate of robberies has also increased by 36%. A total number of 886 robberies have been reported to the city Police Department.

Olivia Arnold, a Minneapolis resident, is one of the victims of car theft. Her boyfriend was using her car to deliver food. However, as he stepped out of the car and walked to the customer’s door, someone jumped into the car and rode off.

Olivia found out about a Facebook page named the “Uptown Crime.” On the page were many innocent victims like her.

Another woman narrated an incident that happened with her sister outside an Aldi. Someone ripped her purse away from her in broad daylight on a Sunday.

Steve Taylor, a Minneapolis resident who moderates the page “Uptown Crime,” stated how people wanted better public safety. He found it extremely unfair that people were being robbed at gunpoint during broad daylight.

Taylor also pointed out the necessity of having more police. However, the police should be reformed and keep everyone in the city equally safe from violent criminals.

All the residents in Minneapolis want right now is to feel safe in their community.

The hypocrisy of the authorities

Aside from trying to solve the problem of the citizens and ensuring their safety, the authorities are supposedly finding solutions.

Linea Palmisano, a member of the Minneapolis City Council, stated that armed neighborhood patrols could create further problems in the city. Palmisano believes that the residents of the city should vote on the fate of the Minneapolis Police Department.

If we keep walking at this rate, the crime rates in Minneapolis are more likely to increase than to simmer down. Shutting down the entire Police Department is by far the worst idea of maintaining law in the city.

The best course of action right now would be to fund the department for public protection and weed out the few officers who are unfit for the job.