Mike Tyson To Fight Roy Jones Jr.

Mike Tyson will fight Roy Jones Jr. in an eight-round exhibition match
Image credit to flickr. Image modified from original.

Legendary heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is all set to don his gloves again. Tyson, 54, will fight Roy Jones Jr., the four-division champ, in an exhibition bout. The two legendary sportsmen will square off against each other on September 12.

Tyson fought his last match in 2005 against Kevin McBride. He refused to continue the fight after the 6th round. He shared a preview of the event on Twitter and also teased his fans with a video of him training. The exhibition match comes as a gift to his fans, who had a hint of his return.

Roy Jones Jr., 51, fought his last match in 2018. He holds a striking record of simultaneous seven belts. Jones also leads a wild, adventurous life. He was honored with a Russian passport by Putin, released music albums and, even spent hours hunting at his estate.

Facing Tyson is a nightmare for most men in the sport. However, Jones seems to be ecstatic at this opportunity! As for fans, they simply can’t wait!

The much-anticipated bout

The exhibition match will stream online with a pay-per-stream policy. Triller, an online platform, will stream the match as part of a three-hour virtual event. This exciting match will see the two legends fight for eight rounds.

Triller has also promised viewers other exclusive pre-match content like training sessions, pre-fight recordings, as well as a docu-series. This match will be no less than any professional event.

Fans got to know of a subtle but thoughtful gesture amidst all the excitement. The former champions will fight in oversized gloves in a whole-hearted attempt to avoid a knockout. The two contenders have received overwhelming fan support and are gearing up for the match.

The CSAC has announced that both the boxers have to follow the medical guidelines for the match. Both fighters will submit relevant paperwork along with proof of medical and physical compatibility. The CSAC wants to ensure that both boxers are fit to fight.

Tyson has expressed his willingness to return many times in the recent past. He said he wants to do it because he believes he can succeed. The terrific fighter, “Iron Mike,” claims that he feels fantastic and is physically as well as mentally ready to take on Jones.

Meanwhile, Jones Jr. said he’d have preferred a quiet retirement. However, he’s not one to back down and feels he’s in great shape for the fight. The former champ has also expressed his desire to go up against Mike Tyson.

What does history say about these former champions?

Boxing history has a lot to say about these two legends who are set to return to the ring years after their retirement. Both boxers were extremely popular and had their share of winning streaks from the start of their career.

Tyson won the title of world heavyweight champion for the first time, at just 20 years of age. He ferociously knocked out Trevor Berbick to go on and win the treasured title. Tyson had an unmatched career. He scored a record 50 wins out of 58 games before his loss to McBride.

Roy Jones Jr. is a worthy competitor to Tyson as he, too, has an enviable career record. He started as a junior middleweight champion and went on to win the world heavyweight championship. He has several wins across all four divisions, middleweight, light heavyweight, super middleweight as well as a heavyweight. Jones was known for his unbeatable agility, reflexes as well as lightning-fast hand speed.

There were a few other names that came up to take on Tyson. Evander Holyfield’s name was a common feature in the media. However, Jones was chosen in the end.

Summing Up

Mike Tyson said that he’s happier because this match isn’t for himself, but someone else. The boxer who has played professionally for most of his career is excited to fight for a good cause, and of course, the fans can’t wait for him to wear his gloves again.

From hunting, rapping, commentating, and acting, this exhibition match will be another mad adventure for Jones. While he called himself and Tyson as “David and Goliath,” it will be crazy, entertaining, and worthwhile to see who conquers the much-awaited match.