Mike Pence Slams CNN To Their Face

Mike Pence Slams CNN To Their Face
Image Screenshot From CNN YouTube Video Below.

Mike Pence, the honorable Vice President, slammed CNN on Friday night. He went on to say that the network shared a deceitful coverage of his trip.

Pence decided to take a trip to the detention center for migrants close to the US-Mexico border. He flew to McAllen, Texas with company. The idea was to learn the reality for himself. A bunch of GOP lawmakers and a few reporters accompanied Mike on his trip.

Upon arrival, the Vice President decided to participate in a round table conference with a couple of Border Patrol agents. He then decided to tour the detention center. Pence had a one-on-one conversation with migrant children. He inquired if they were taken care of, provided proper medical aid for, and so on. Of course, the language was a barrier, so the Vice President also had his translator by his side.

It was certainly a noble deed. Unfortunately, CNN Prime Time’s coverage painted a very different picture. It was during the “Anderson Cooper 360” program that the network aired a coverage which Mike described as “dishonest and misleading.”

The footage included a group of migrants, particularly males, clamoring behind a fence. They were trying to talk to the reporters. On the other hand, CNN also covered the Vice President’s interview with White House correspondent Pamela Brown. Both visuals were aired together on a split-screen. No footage of Mike reaching out to the migrants and engaging with them in person — particularly with the children — was covered or aired.

It appeared as though Mike never visited the detention center for migrants at all.

Popular CNN anchor Chris Cuomo rather focused on how the country’s Vice President was not donning a mask himself. Mike Pence violating the usual protocols of quarantine — the news spread like wildfire in no time.

Pence took a tour without wearing any of the essential gears, including a mask. Going outside his home without a mask while the country is having a hard time dealing with the COVID crisis is an outright violation.

Chris Cuomo didn’t choose to stop here. He also accused the Vice President of tossing up conditions in the facility. Cuomo Prime Time aired nothing in reference to Mike’s visit to the detention center, as well as his moments with the migrant children.

The Vice President reacted to the Prime Time coverage. He tweeted that CNN has been unfair and deceitful. His tweet was a long one, and he started by saying, “My trip to the detention center, in Texas, was not a secret. We had reporters in our crew. It was essential to keep tabs on the well being of families and children, taking shelter in the facility. Isn’t it a good deed? Learning whether the people in the center are being treated well and all medical needs are being taken care of.

“CNN is not bothered about the real crisis in the southern borders of the country. It is not fabricated or a ‘manufactured crisis.’ The ground reality is very different. In order to show what’s really happening, we did drop by the facility, brimming with adult men. Little do people know, that most of these men have been arrested a good number of times.

“These men are crowding up in holding areas that are temporary set-ups. Why? Well, because the Democrats are playing the lead role and the congressmen have decided that there’s no need to allot funds or bed space for these men,” he concluded.

Mike Pence was appalled at CNN for broadcasting a false story. He tweeted and questioned, why can’t CNN show the full story? Why not make people aware of the real scenario at the temporary facility for adult men? A lot of Americans have come forward to extend help and compassion to these families. Why couldn’t CNN air the real footage, and show how well the families and children in these centers are being attended to and taken care of?

CNN turned a deaf ear to the Vice President’s tweets. No immediate response was tweeted or aired. It was only later on January 8th that Cooper decided to make a statement. “As a media, we have no role to play in advocating campaigns or a policy. We are waiting for the President to spill the beans on the crisis at the border. Or should we call it the ‘crisis of credibility’?”