Michigan School Shooter’s Mom Sent an UNBELIEVABLE Text…

Michigan School Shooter's Mom Sent an UNBELIEVABLE Text...
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Dinesh D’Souza – This is shocking.

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A 15 year old boy searching ammo online is not “inappropriate”. There is nothing wrong with that in itself. Without the benefit of hindsight.

And the school did nothing as well , indict them as well while you are at it.

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What is “shocking” about that? I happen to agree with her. The parents are not mindreaders, and most parents cannot believe that their children could possibly conceive of something like a school shooting. And it can be argued that the school, with its professional counselors, etc, is the entity that should have taken action. Just my opinion — this is a liberal DA with aspirations for higher office, trying to make a name for herself.

old man coyote

The more convictions, right or wrong, a DA gets the better the chance at higher office such as governor. Or have I been watching too much television?