Michigan Cites Voter Fraud, Calls for a Full Audit of the Election


Michigan Republican senators called Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson on Thursday to conduct a “full audit” of the 2020 national election.

State senators Tom Barrett and Lana Theis signed the letter urging Benson to await a full audit result before certifying the final results of the election.

The two senators argued that every citizen deserves to have faith in the integrity of the process and outcome of the election. They said that as elected public servants, they have the responsibility to assure the people of Michigan of the election process’s integrity through complete transparency. As such, faithful investigation of any allegations of wrongdoing, fraud, or abuse is also necessary.

“Unfortunately, several serious allegations have been made which cannot and should not be ignored,” the senators added.
The letter brought up the 6,000-vote error in a Michigan county favoring Democrat Joe Biden.

“Antrim is just one of 47 counties in Michigan that used the software system at issue, Dominion Voting Systems, to process their ballots,” said the pair.

According to The Daily Wire, Benson called the claims on a glitch resulting in the slanted results “erroneous.” She instead justified that the 6,000-vote error was due to un-updated software used to tabulate the results. 

Several allegations were also pointed out in the letter, including the critically mishandling of numerous ballots by election officials. It listed claims on officials counting ineligible ballots, backdating, and duplicating. 

The third point in the letter is on allegations of the arrival of unsecured ballots at the TCF Center loading garage. The ballots are purportedly outside the ballot boxes and without custody and envelopes. 

The letter also stated that 40,000 ballots came from “out-of-state” vehicles and were all counted “for one candidate.”

Lastly, the two Senators said, “that there were allegations of manpower interference”. Among them are illegal and official intimidation and meddling with lawful election challengers and poll watchers. 

Further, all of the claims were backed up by affidavits of more than 100 Michigan residents. 

“These claims deserve our full attention and diligent investigation to ensure fairness and transparency in our election process. Due directly to these issues, we are requesting a full audit be conducted of the 2020 General Election before the certification of any results,” says the letter.