Michelle Obama Gets Brutally Fact-Checked


The Associated Press recently fact-checked Michelle Obama’s controversial statement at the Democratic Convention.

Obama condemned President Donald Trump for using cages to house the migrant children at the US-Mexico border, but failed to note that the same kind of facility was used under her husband’s administration.

The AP News reported that Michelle Obama accused Donald Trump of ripping migrant children from their parents and loading them into cages, taking the reference of a frequent and distorted point made widely by the Democrats.

Michelle Obama was right on the note that Trump’s now-separated policy at the US-Mexico border had separated many children from their mothers. But she did not mention that the same cages were also used during the presidential tenure of her husband, Barack Obama. The purpose of the cage was to hold migrants for a temporary period.

Michel Obama also said Americans are horrified to see how these children are taken from their mothers and put into the cages.

The AP stressed that the term “cage” is misleading, and Michelle Obama, like any other Democrats, is used to distorting facts.

According to the media, Trump used the same facilities used during the Barack Obama-Biden administration to house migrant children at the border. The facilities are chain-linked enclosure where children were housed temporarily.

The AP added that the photos famously circulated by Democrats to criticize Trump’s zero-tolerance policy at the border were taken in 2014 when Barack Obama was the president, and Joe Biden was the vice-president. These are the photos of thousands of caged children held by President Barack Obama.

Former First Lady should have fact-checked about the things conducted in her husband’s presidential time before accusing someone falsely.

Obama’s misleading speech was followed by former Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, and several other prominent Democratic figures backing their Presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

Michelle Obama also praised the record of Joe Biden saying Biden is the right man who has beaten back the pandemic, rescued the current economy, and lead the United States in the best way.

The funny thing is when the speech came public, the Democrats who tweeted the photos immediately deleted it from their social media accounts. Still, some significant Democratic figures continued to cite cages for children as an example of Trump’s cruelty.

Another fake news circulating on social media is the divorce between Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, which was first published by Empire News on January 18 this year. The story was Barack filed for divorce after he revealed “a secret double life as a homosexual.”

The news was completely false as the couple never announced divorce and nor has Barack Obama came out as gay.

Since most of the articles on the Empire News’ website seem strange, The Quint did a fact-check, and found that they had mentioned in the “About/Disclaimer” section of the site that their articles are meant for entertainment purposes only.

US President has recently hit Michelle Obama, saying her recent speech in the Democratic Convention as “Extremely Divisive.” He also said that her husband’s Oval Office performance is what put him into the “Beautiful White House.”

According to Trump, Michelle Obama used a taped speech recorded a long time ago.

Trump claimed that the Barack Obama-Joe Biden duration was the “most corrupt tandem in History.”