Mexico to Restart Mass Migration to the USA


Three weeks after the still contested presidential race, illegal migrants are likely feeling emboldened to overwhelm the US immigration system with Democrat Joe Biden as the presumed president-elect.

Mexico’s ambassador to the US does not seem to discourage the thought. President Trump’s tight border security and enforcement have made the opponents crave for a Democrat in the presidential seat in the last four years. 

During a speech at a forum for immigration last week, Mexican Ambassador Martha Bárcena Coqui encouraged an immigration official to more or less revert the border policy to the days of former President Obama.

The ambassador advocated for a policy that offers mass amnesty, an influx of foreign refugees, and more asylum protections. Coqui even disregarded that an open border indicates a national security issue.

“The facts and realities is the need to protect the most vulnerable, the need to keep open the generosity towards refugees, the need to recognize the complementarity of labor markets and demographic profiles, the need for temporary workers in the United States,” Coqui stated.

It’s unclear, though, how a “generous” new immigration policy would benefit the Americans struggling with a crime wave, loss of millions of jobs amid the pandemic, and an unprecedented division. 

The ambassador argued that conceptualizing migration as a national issue would be “policing, contentious, and reduction of migration.”

She concluded the Americans must accept unchecked migration from Central America and Mexico as “an economic and social and political phenomenon.” 

Democrats have been known to have weak programs on border security and serving the American first. Coqui’s statements only made it obvious that the international community is already anticipating the Democrats’ seize power come January. 

Biden has already started assembling his cabinet from a recycled Obama era – officials with their failed policies.

Among the cabinet officials is former Obama Deputy National Security Advisor Antony Blinken. Blinken is known for letting an estimated two million illegal migrants enter the country during the Obama administration. 

According to The Washington Post, Biden also announced Alejandro Mayorkas to join his team as the Department of Homeland Security head.

However, Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton said Mayorkas was “disqualified,” noting that he was “found by Barack Obama’s Inspector General to be guilty of selling Green Cards to Chinese nationals on behalf of rich, democratic donors.”

Biden apparently intends to fill his cabinet of officials likely to approve mass migration. The international community noticed the 2020 race, and the astounding message is that the border would soon open just like the old days. 

Mark Morgan, Acting Customs and Border Commissioner, warned that an end to Trump’s immigration policies would entail a migration crisis. Thousands of people would likely converge on the border. 

Meanwhile, pro-lockdown Biden still has not announced a signal for American businesses to open. Yet, the country would likely be open for people to enter illegally, snatching jobs from Americans amid a crisis.