Mest See: Air Force is Mocked Over Changing Fitness Requirements…

Mest See: Air Force is Mocked Over Changing Fitness Requirements...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Ben Zeisloft from The Daily Wire reports, The United States Air Force announced modifications to its aerobic test that would allow airmen to choose walking instead of running. On Monday, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force JoAnne Bass and Lt. Gen. Brian Kelly revealed during a live chat that the new test will begin a six-month trial period next year.

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China and Russia is laughing at our woke military

Someone just replied to my comment below stating “Biden had nothing to do with it….it was a military decision.” What say to that is who do you think is the chief commanding officer of all military now? BIDEN of course!!!

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Now if they change the age requirement i can join the AF as a senior! I identify as a millennial not a boomer!


How pathetic of the Air Force. I could pass their original exam as an over-75 year old. How can people in the prime of life not pass it? What are these people thinking????


I am sure our enemies are celebrating – how easily they will be able to defeat our P*ssies

Jay Jones

Biden is destroying us so his China Pals can come take us over!!!
We have got to put a stop to this and SOON before its to late!!!!


Have they lost their minds?

Keith Kahley

I remember being told about a flag the GIs could raise if they were having a bad day….lol