Megyn Kelly Hammers Kamala Harris for Her Visit to Indicted Sex Offender

Megyn Kelly Hammers Kamala Harris for Her Visit to Indicted Sex Offender
Image credit to Wiki Media. Image modified from original.

On Sunday, Kamala Harris, running for Vice President for the Democrats, visited Kenosha, Wisconsin, and dropped by Jacob Blake’s family’s home.

It could be remembered that the Kenosha Police officials gunned down Jacob Blake seven times on his back. Footage circling social media shows how Blake was shot to death. Indeed, the incident stirred Kenosha, and Antifa activists gathered all over, vandalizing the city and setting-off riots alongside the BLM rioters.

Outrage is understandable, but raging over a criminal or a hit-man doesn’t make any sense. If the police officers didn’t immediately act, Jacob couldn’t have taken a second to attack. What was the police supposed to do? On instinct, the officers shot him point-blank on his back.

Police records revealed that Jacob was breaking into a Black SUV, later found out to be his girlfriend’s car he was attempting to steal. Jacob was also charged with third-degree sexual assault, which is quite a severe felony. Blake chose to ignore the announcements made by the officers on the spot.

Amid confrontation, Jacob struck down, and head locked an officer. He had a knife in his possession and was set to cut the throat of the officer. He was then repeatedly warned to lose his weapon but instead ignored the commands and tried to hurt the officer. “There was not much choice left and a very slim chance to get our man out of the hurdle, safe,” commented the police.

It was not the first arrest for Blake. Previously, he was taken into custody for pulling out a pistol at patrons.

Ben Crump, family Blake’s lawyer, and practically a con-star stated that Kamala Harris dropped by Blake’s home and conversed with Jacob over a phone call. The Democrat did not shy away from applauding Jacob and saying how proud she is of him.

The visit makes the agenda clear as a crystal. Harris was driven to prove that Blake is a faultless man with no criminal offenses. Also, Jacob Blake is a scapegoat who landed being a victim of police brutality. Harris forgot that Jacob Blake did everything to kill an officer on duty, broke laws, sexually assaulted a girl, carried firearms, and other criminal activities. Existing records can prove that Blake is not innocent, but a cold-hearted murderer and Antifa activist.

It should also be recalled that Kamala refrained from visiting the lady physically knocked up by Jacob Blake. Blake forcibly hurt, invaded her home, and stole the keys to her car.

Megyn Kelly was done putting up with a nuisance. She tweeted pretty boldly and firmly, “Overjoyed and proud of Jacob Blake for what Ms. Harris? The man is indicted with innumerable charges. Your dear Blake broke into a girl’s house while she was sleeping. Not only was she abused and humiliated, but the lady was also sexually assaulted. Can you at least comprehend the traumatic experience faced by the lady? When the girl took the step and called the cops, Blake did not do anything but resist. He attacked an officer, got into a headlock, and was intended in full swing to kill the police officer. There was an arrest warrant in place. Instead of being all sympathetic about criminals, how did it not cross your mind to have a word with the tortured and assaulted lady?”

Kelly highlighted a very crucial point. Blake was given more attention and was practically campaigned as an icon. He is an outright criminal.

Kamala Harris showing support and sympathy to a criminal, only indicates that she shores up violence against women. She is encouraging acts of poor demeanor and crime.