Meet Klaas; He Wants to Deprogram You with a ‘Coalition of Reality’…

Meet Klaas, He Want to Deprogram You with a ‘Coalition of Reality’...
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Columnist Brian Klaas wrote an op-ed on Monday expressing his pointless attempt to “deprogram” rabid Trump supporters, claiming that several have “gone far enough down the rabbit hole of conspiratorial thinking.”

The essay, entitled “‘Why is it so hard to deprogram Trumpian conspiracy theorists?” was published in the Washington Post. It depicts Trump’s million supporters allegedly devoted to “dangerous lunacy” that cannot be brought “back to reality.”

The write-up also claims that even when only hundreds marched the Capitol, millions share their views. President Trump was labeled “a conspiracy theorist in chief” who “injected the toxin of baseless conspiratorial thinking straight into America’s political bloodstream.”

Klass then asked if there’s any hope of deprogramming millions of Trump’s followers. “Don’t hold your breath,” he declares.

The essay claims that according to psychologists and political scientists, “it can be nearly impossible” to recover the people who are deeply invested in conspiratorial thinking, adding the social aspect which makes it even more difficult to “deprogram” them. 

“Modern conspiracy movements such as QAnon are thriving in church groups and yoga classes,” stated Klaas. The movements are social and thus would make the deprogramming harder. 

“Bringing the deluded people who populate Trump’s political base back to reality will be difficult,” wrote Klaas, adding that those “who have taken the poison” need be “accurately diagnosed.” As such, he said that sympathizers of the Capitol insurrectionists aren’t far off lunatics but most likely [reader’s] neighbors.

Klass appeared in an interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Tuesday to argue that there should be a “coalition of reality to combat conspiracy theories.” 

The journalist lashed out at conservatives for “peddling conspiracy theories” and said they should be held accountable.

Klaas said, “Political leaders have a huge responsibility in doing this.” 

[W]e need to have a coalition of reality in our politics, and Republican leaders need to be held accountable for not inhabiting that real space that we all should live in.”

“Deprogramming” Trump supporters have been aggressively advocated by leftists following the recent presidential election and the Capitol incident in mid-January. 

As if people are merely chips and boards to be “deprogrammed,” the Dems have been promoting the notion incessantly.

On Thursday, Vanity Fair interviewed cult expert Steven Hassan on the “deprogramming” movement. Hassan argued for a “massive education” involving the schools, law enforcement, professionals, media, intelligence agencies, and politicians. 

Hassan also appeared on CNN last week, stating that all Americans need to be deprogrammed due to Trump’s negative influence. And on Monday, he published an infographic to “free your loved ones” from President Trump’s “cult.”

What’s next? 

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Laura Wagner

Tell me, is this the reality where when businesses were looted and burned, it was the result of “peaceful protests”? The same kind of protests that caused the murders of several innocent people including a six year old girl and an eight year old boy? Or is that the conspiracy that we are supposed to ignore? If that is the reality that we are supposed to live in, then I will pass. Thanks.

John A Gombita

Those of the socialist left do not even realize that they have created the division in America. The need deprogrammed from all of their nonsensical political correctness.

Saul McManus

You know WHO you can’t bring back to reality?!! LIBERALS!!!! There is ABSOLUTELY no reasoning with them! With liberals REALITY IS OPTIONAL!!!

Terry L Musgrove

..while hundreds marched on the capitol in support of Trump, MILLIONS shared their views?………so, 10’s 0f thousands showed up at his rallies, using your math – how could he possibly have “lost” the election? I call major BS on Klass. (sp)?

Gerald S Ladd

LOL…easy, voter fraud! Which if you have noticed, none of the courts will look at the evidence.

Terry Musgrove

Yeah, I was being sarcastic. KlASS looks like he belongs in a bath house with Schitt, Barry and Nudler.

Gerald S Ladd

A 22 to his forehead will Deprogram him quickly.



David H Pfeifer

I think this guy needs to go back to school and take some early american history and learn about the constitution and bill of rights and how hard we worked to get there to have the freed oms we enjoy today. a few small groups of fanatics cannot judge and entire nation. to call 75million voters a cult needing deprogramming is in itself insane and playing ‘GOD’.who chose him to decide our realty! he lost his way and is projecting his values set onto one half of a country that has a difeent view from his! save us from that kind of prejudice!

Major B

Klaas’ mind has been so petrified by socialist theories that he can no longer comprehend the fact that Trump supporters believe what they do after thinking for themselves…. WHICH…. incidentally, is exactly what Klaas doesn’t do. That observation can be easily proven by noting how much of what he has said is nothing but word-for-word regurgitation of liberal/socialist propaganda.


Hey klass you got no class. I would like to deprogram you by kicking your skinny klASS and stick it to your face. People like you and the left are so arrogant that you actually think you’re better than us and anybody else. You got no morals, you’re senseless like dementia joe and the lunatic left. Be careful with your words, you think with your mouth.


Getting real tired of the Left controlling the narrative in America. How can anyone be so gullible to believe all the problems are coming from those without a voice?

Galen Jeffryes

So when is this pretentious azzwhole going to take a shot at deprogramming all of the Russia collusion conspiracy theorists, or is he only concerned about “deprogramming” anyone that disagrees with his Marxist/socialist dogma?


He lives in England- he has nothing to say how we run our country or who we vote for. He is a nazi look at his name.

Dr. Luis R. Lizardi

Brian Klaas:

What is it about the academia that makes professors idiotic and cult-like thinkers?

Why not burn the Constitution and start a new Republic a la Havana. See, the 
Constitution is about small, limited federal government. It guarantees freedoms
not from the government but from God. Oh I know, secularism is in vogue. I studied
existentialism and know some of your argumants in favor of a secular country.

According to the Constitution, freedom of speech is not only speech that you agree
with but speech that you hate. Do you understand that? And yes, the presidential elections 
were a big FRAUD and now Pelosi wants to make mail voting a federal mandate, HR1. 

I think we should reprogram radical liberals like BLM members that believe in communism
and spread the greatest lie: systemic racism. By the way, I am white and I don”t have
white privilage…that’s a bunch of Alinsky rhetoric. I studied hard, made honor roll during
my college years so I didn’t pay tuition, I attended graduate school in the USA and financed myself 
by teaching (never burdened my family or depended on federal student loans) and received
my Ph.D. in physics-organic chemistry. I served my country for 2 years (Capt in Vietnam), and
joined the chemical-oharmaceutical industry for 30 years. 

So please, stop your academic nonsense. 

Dr. Luis R. Lizardi