Media Touts More Biden Primary Wins; They Omit One Key Detail

In the Democratic party’s possibly brokered online convention, Joe Biden, presumptive Democratic nominee, gathered “more primary wins.” 

The former vice president posted impressive wins in several states in which Democrat primaries took place, including.

Joe Biden, former vice president, won numerous states wherein Democrat primaries took place, including Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Maryland, South Dakota, Montana, New Mexico, and the District of Columbia.

The rioting in Washington D.C ceased to enable citizens to arrive at the polls and vote.

Leftist media outlets crowned Joe Biden like a triumphant warrior to build more momentum for the upcoming duel versus President Donald Trump; however, the Democrats forgot a tiny detail: THERE WAS NO COMPETITION.

Rhode Island 




South Dakota 


New Mexico

District Of Columbia

It has been evident for months that Biden was the chosen one after an early challenge by Sanders and an ambush crushed his loyalists in South Carolina led by Rep. James Clyburn and a Super Tuesday slaughter where Elizabeth “Pocahontas’ Warren stayed in the race just long enough to steal votes from Bernie. 

Most importantly of all, Tuesday’s show by Biden pretty much clinched the party’s nomination – at least on paper and Hillary doesn’t sweep in from the wings at the last minute snatch it from him. 

After winning hundreds of more delegates in primary contests, Joe Biden is near to procuring the Democratic presidential nomination. Within the coming weeks, Joe Biden may secure the nomination in Georgia and Virginia primaries.

Voters all over the United States were imposed to tread through, National Guard troops, curfews and health concerns— with long hours of waiting right after the polls close in some cases: since the officials of the election decreased the amount of in-person voting sites to stop the propagation of the pandemic. 

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden rapidly won against their primary contests that reached the scope of Montana to Maryland and highlighted the night’s crowned jewel: Pennsylvania. 

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden will surely face-off with one another for the presidential ballot in November. However, party rules mandate that they must initially gather a majority of delegates in the coming months on the state-by-state primary season.

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