This isn’t a civil war, it’s a war against the MSM!

Media Lies About Trump And Portland Just Proved Trump Right
Image credit to Gage Skidmore. Image modified from original.

With the recurring protests, the mayhem continuously makes it to the headlines and continually peaks in the history of civil unrest in the US. It’s been more than 50 days since the riots start to break out in the streets, but the anarchy is far from ceasing any time soon.

Most established media institutions remain to be the main source of information. One of the reasons why people are not doing fact checks is because of the reputation of these media outlets.

President Donald Trump, known for saying that fake media is the biggest enemy of the people, has just been proven right in his pronouncement. Even the people who work in the industry believe that “some” media institutions are discreetly publishing fake news. The agenda, although undisclosed, could be to win an election, to have a larger following, or to make extra bucks.

News about the Police

Most of the fake news is about police officers. Hundreds of news articles appeared online about police officers, snatching people without any badges. The Federal Court even ruled out the incident. There could have been protocols and reasons behind this news whether they happened or not. The eruption of fake news about the country’s police officers caused serious damage to the reputation of the country.

One of the finest ways to combat the spread of fake news is by encouraging people to speak up. This way, it wouldn’t be difficult for someone to come out and put forward their opinion. Especially if they could prove that the news is untrue. After all, there are many podcasts and radio channels, where people voice out their opinions, for and against the news they hear. These people are not going to tell whether the act is right or wrong, but are going to broadcast if the news is fake or not.

The Words

Trump has always considered the media as the enemy of the people but also has been extremely specific in his pronouncements. His focus is on media that keeps publishing fake news and spreading them to the listeners and viewers. He has called out these media outlets a few times too which include the big ones like “CNN” and “Washington Post.”

For example, the incident discussed above was published in the Washington Post. The news article read that “Federal officers arrived in unmarked vans and detained Portland protesters.” This rather sounds scary and terrifying. Most of the tone and words used in the post made the incident appear quite serious. However, the real situation could be a little different.

The only truth about this post would be “unmarked van”. The story gradually turns into a fake one with the following lines:

  • The news claims the police officers to be unidentified. There is no need for an “exaggeration” as unidentified officers. The only unmarked item in the entire incident are the “vans”.
  • The story also claims that the police officers didn’t have badges whereas everyone is aware about the institutions these officers belong too.
  •  The news continues to report that the protesters are spreading their reach to other cities. However, the incident is limited to Portland, and not anywhere else in the country. The news gets twisted, and starts to become unreal at this point.
  • By the end of the story, the police officers became federal agents and then secret police services.

It doesn’t stop here, the story keeps rolling, on and on.

The Parties!

Within a matter of time, the entire story evolved and it focused on the Republican Party. This is what makes the news industry very interesting. The story began with protesters in Portland and eventually ended up with the Republican Party. The scheme on how the series of events are weaved to find a common conclusion (the political parties) makes the whole news fake which was what President Donald Trump has kept on stressing.

The moment a story is seen, it is changed and new stories are written upon the old one. With two videos of police officers in unmarked vans, the news industry is able to frame a “Crisis in the Republic Party”.