McConnell Used Trump’s Name to Raise Money

McConnell used Trump’s name to raise money

Front Page with Scott Goulet – After Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell blamed President Trump for the riots on Capitol Hill on January 6, his popular support among Republican voters in his home state of Kentucky has plummeted. But you’d be wrong to think he’s stopped there. The latest absurdity he came up with is actually to cheat patriots out of donations in the name of Trump.

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Watch!! There’s going to be more people there then Joe Biden’s inauguration😂🤣 when Trump speaks at cpac on Sunday!

The Supreme Court should have investigated this to help heal the country.

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Daniel E Brown

Mon, Feb 1, 2021 at 4:39 pm
To:[email protected]
I wouldn’t piss on mitch the bitch if he was on fire. I will never give another dime to anyone that doesn’t support President Trump. You people hit my credit card for over $800 dollars more than I authorized and I tired to get someone to correct this issue three times and never heard a word, so until you all get this straighten out take me off of your list. 
I tried three times to get this worked out and as a 71 year old disabled USAF veteran I gave up on mitch the bitch and will never give another dollar that goes anywhere near this low life.