McConnell: I Hope Every Republican Votes against American Rescue Plan

Forbes Breaking News – Sen. Mitch McConnell says he hopes every Senate Republican votes against the American Rescue Plan.

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This is an Insult to Every American, the democrats better get a Clue

Americans would not have to vote against it if you weren’t a turncoat, and stood up for election justice!

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Michael G Warren

Impeach Biden!!!


How can you say that. Trump started this. The American people or a large portion are hurting and Biden is trying to help. I’m 73 years of age and started work when i was 15 and worked until I was 63. I paid my dues. Why don’t you take a look at how much money we, our government sends overseas for aide, or how we rebuild after a war or conflict and see how much we are in debt due to that. In my opinion Americans aren’t being given anything nor are they getting 1% of what they have put in. Do you really think the ones on capital hill are hurting to provide for their families. And poor Trump, he and so many others are being paid a handsome life retirement after spending only 8 years in office, not to mention all the other perks they receive. Housing, round the clock protection for their families and even so much as their postage stamps. By the time you figure everything up and are making hundreds of thousands of dollars. And McConnell is telling republicans to vote again the rescue package and you’re saying to impeach Biden. Trump should have been impeached and yet he wasn’t therefore he will get all the perks mentioned above. Why don’t you take a look at how many times he filed bankruptcy because of his mismanagement in his personal business and them say impeach Biden. He has done nothing to be impeached for as yet and may never. McConnell should loose everything he has and have to go state aid to survive just to know what it feels like to go without and have his children or grandchildren go hunger because of not having money for basic survival needs. You may not like or agree with Biden but he was elected to office and everyone should stand behind him, not give him a free hand as Trump had.


Where were you McConnel in Mov and Dec last year??? We Patriots blame you and all the Rinos who wouldn’t stand with Mr Trump on the STOLEN ELECTION!!! Your fault we are in this mess NOW!!!!!


I agree and since when did he ever care what was good for the American people?


McConnell is a half-assed Republican. When he gets up in the morning he wets his finger, holds it up to see which way the wind is blowing. That decides which way he will vote that day.


Someone needs to put the swamp rat mitch on a wooden raft on top of some fire wood, cover it in diesel fuel, send it out into the swamp where he came from and shoot a flamming arrow on to it and let it put mitch back from where he came.


I don’t want their dirty f’ing money can SIUYFA you rotten stinking demoPHILES!!