Mayoral Candidate Faked Own Kidnapping

Mayoral Candidate Faked Own Kidnapping
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Can an aspiring-mayoral candidate woman stage her kidnapping? Sabrina Belcher certainly did. The 29-year-old thought staging her own kidnapping impacts more than a sob story and could win her further sympathy and publicity. Such drama could potentially lead the November elections.

In her desperation to bag the mayoral chair in Sumter, South Carolina, Belcher orchestrated to be taken, and hostage. Playing along as the victim, she said that she was assaulted and viciously beaten by the kidnapper.

Let’s dig deep and find out more about the drama this wannabe Mayor staged

It was a Tuesday night when Belcher decided to call the police officials. The 29-yeard old claimed that she was abused, bashed, and ultimately abducted by a man. The ‘mysterious man’ apparently also attempted to rob the young lady, as Sabrina states.

It would be appropriate to describe Sabrina as an ace orchestrator. A fake attacker with a phony name. Isn’t this one of the finest publicity stunts?

During the investigation with the police and authorities, Belcher claimed that the attacker smashed the car windows, and she was severely injured.

Belcher was rushed to the emergency services, where she was treated before she was released.

However, upon further investigation, the authorities revealed that the so-called attacker, named Christopher Eaddy, a 34-year-old man was Belcher’s go-to-guy. They both had been planning to stage this attack for several days. Sabrina was always in contact with Christopher until the attack was executed with perfection.

The plot thickens. Since anything can go viral in social media in the blink of an eye, Sabrina chose to perform the stunt on Facebook Live. The crashing, beating, and other nuisances that suggest violence were seen live on Facebook.

Post investigation, the 29-year-old Sabrina Belcher, running for the ticket of Mayor for Sumter, South Carolina admitted and accepted the charges. The woman acknowledged that she had planned and staged the crime to garner sympathy and publicity.

Chief Russell Roark, closely involved in debunking the plotted crime, made a press release statement. He stated that the orchestration of crime symbolized discontent and disorder in the community and personal gains.

A valuable number of resources were deployed right-away to save the woman in distress. Little did the authorities know that this was all a staged plan, and annoying for the police department.

When there’s so much unrest in the country, wasting staff hours and police sources is a heinous crime. Likewise, it is also a waste of time for medical practitioners who treated Sabrina.

The lady running for a mayoral seat in Sumter now bears the brunt of serious criminal charges. Staging a hijacking story for sympathy, votes, and publicity disgusts people even more.

To top it off, she added more cherries on her cake. Violence, snatching, crashing the car windows, and thrashing were all part of the drama with her so-called attacker, Christopher.

What’s surprising is that Belcher still runs for the mayor’s ticket in South Carolina. Hats-off for the lady on not giving up. She is up against five other candidates. If it’s of any interest, Sabrina Belcher loves creating rap music for leisure.