May Be Too Late to Fix: Biden Realizes His Biggest Mistake Yet…

Sad to See: Biden Goes Blank During Presser…

During a White House press conference on Monday afternoon, President Joe Biden again denied that unemployment benefits are keeping American citizens from going back to work.

Biden said, “We’re going to make it clear that anyone collecting unemployment who is offered a suitable job must take the job or lose their unemployment benefits.”

“There are a few COVID-19-related exceptions so that people aren’t forced to choose between their basic safety and a paycheck, but, otherwise, that’s the law,” he continued.

“I know there’s been a lot of discussion since Friday’s report that people are being paid to stay home rather than go to work,” he added. “Well, we don’t see much evidence that that is a major factor. Look, it’s easy to say the line has been because of the generous unemployment benefits, that it’s a major factor in labor shortages.”

“Americans want to work,” he claimed.

After Biden’s remarks, the White House released in a “fact sheet” stating, “This week, the Department of Labor will reaffirm longstanding UI requirements to make sure everyone, including states, employers, and workers, understands the rules of the road for UI benefits. These clarifications will also help ease a return to work. Specifically, the Secretary of Labor will issue a letter to states to reaffirm that individuals receiving UI may not continue to receive benefits if they turn down a suitable job due to a general, non-specific concern about COVID-19.”

The fact sheet also stated that “the President is directing the Secretary of Labor to work with states to reinstate work search requirements for UI recipients, if health and safety conditions allow.”

The latest jobs report shows that Biden’s policies are already a disaster. The numbers were so bad that CNBC had to double check to make sure if there were any mistakes. 

CNBC reported, “It looks like it was a big disappointment at 266.”

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Let’s not discuss this as if it is China Joe’s biggest mistake. That implies that he is in charge and making decisions when in fact his intellectually challenged mind is incapable of rational thought and is not capable of recognizing it as an error.


ABSOLUTELY, America cannot take this feeble minded critter for four years, he will COMPLETELY DESTROY THIS COUNTRY, he is one scary dude.. and creepy cammie isn’t any better!!


Get this mutant out of office and put in the “BEST PRESIDENT IN MY LIFETIME”!!! TRUMP IS THE NAME, SAVING AMERICA IS HIS GAME!!! MAGA!!