Maxine Waters FAILS to Understand Twitter with This Crazy Reaction…

Maxine Waters FAILS to Understand Twitter with This Crazy Reaction...
Image From Video Below...

The Next News Network – Collin Rugg from Trending Politics reports, Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters is claiming that her Twitter account was “erased” and claims that she knows “who has done this.” The comments from Waters were immediately met with mockery considering Waters was tweeting from her account that was allegedly “erased.”

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Being black does not make you legitimate. Let’s go Brandon

She’s such an angry person she never gets her way guys like a big baby

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Roy E. Gillis

A great illustration of how out of it, this imbecile is. She uses her Twitter account to tell the world that her “Twitter” account was erased. The sad, and scary part of this is; there are idiots that believe her.


How are these people still in office?? Or have any kind of a job??
I would have been fired and or put in a straight jacket with people saying,, Whoa, he lost it!!