Massive Food Lines Set Records In California

Massive Food Lines Set Records In California
Image Screenshot From Arab News YouTube Video Below.

California is one of the few states in the country that is like a riddle. Antagonism and differences of opinion are always in vogue.

The state is an amazing place to hang hats. In fact, the GDP of California is very impressive. The state alone has a GDP ranked the fifth-highest in the world. Believe it when you hear that California is brimming with millionaires and billionaires.

But what is surprising to witness is that California is also home to a mammoth population of impoverished and homeless people. The number of people without a roof over their head is countless in California. It is one of the largest of 50 states across the nation.

California is also America’s ‘bread basket.’ At least now you know a little something about why the state is a puzzle.

With the pandemic striking countries and continents across the globe, the situation in California is no different. People have been locked for days due to COVID-19, some with little to eat. How is one supposed to bring home the groceries when there’s no work, business, or any salary rolling in?

According to the reports by CBS, San Francisco, inexhaustible food lines are spotted in California. The lines are hours long. People flock and wait in queues to get their hands on food, or anything to eat. It is a lot of charity work, carried out at least thrice a week. With umpteen numbers of homeless and hunger-stricken people, it is only fair to open up more food banks in the state.

The situation in the Bay Area is no different. The pandemic has caused enormous losses to everyone, but it has spiked insecurities related to food among people. In order to stay clear from being famished, localities around the Bay Area queue up in front of the food banks.

If only you can watch and experience hundreds of cars in a queue, in person. In numbers, it is around thousands of pounds of edible items that are being produced at the Alameda County Food Bank. But here’s what’s incredibly stunning — it is not done once a week. Food is being given out three times in one week.

Among one of the four food banks across Alameda County, basic food is being given out for free to people who are impoverished and unable to buy food for themselves or their families. As mentioned before, many have run out of jobs and businesses have been put to a grinding halt for an endless period of time.

Mike Altfest, the person in charge and the Director of Community Engagement, has mentioned that he has never witnessed a situation like this. “We are in business for as long as 35 years. It has been a wake-up call for all of us. We have experienced nothing like before.” Luckily the distribution centers are doing well. They are giving out food to more than a thousand cars.

The vehicles start lining up in the wee hours. By 7 AM, the queues are worth a watch. It is a lengthy line. The task of pushing out food rolls for six hours straight is tedious, but it is also essential for us to help our community and keep the Californians fed.

A man, quite struck by the impacts of the pandemic, waited in line and called out for some help. “Don’t we all need a little help now?” questioned the man. Now that it is time to act, these people are there, standing tall and helping everyone.

COVID-19 is no longer just a pandemic. It is now serving the interests of the politicians. How much longer will businesses remain shut in these Democrat-run states? There’s no news of re-opening. No one bothers that the lockdown is affecting the livelihoods of millions of people. Apparently, the Democrats are choosing to ignore this.

Since wearing a mask is mandatory in the state of California, why can’t the people head out to work, take a stroll, or sit and eat in restaurants? They will still be wearing their masks, right?

It is ridiculous to look at the lives of rich millionaires, billionaires, business eggheads, tech-gurus, the governor, and the residents of the posh Silicon Valley. These people are privileged, while, there are unfortunately zillions who cannot afford to make ends meet. Making sure the people have their livelihood is the worst thing that the Democrats are not doing.