Mass Outrage Over Trump Display At Hobby Lobby

Mass Outrage Over Trump Display At Hobby Lobby
Image credit to Wiki Media. Image modified from original.

Hobby Lobby became the town’s talk when a pro-Trump hoarding was on display in one of its US stores.

The incident quickly turned into a trending topic as the Twitter community called out to shun the store. The US store in question is pretty clear about its traditionalist roots.

A snapshot soon went viral on social media circles. Wondering what was the picture all about? Well, it was an attractive piece of display, featuring letters in a fancy style. It appeared more like some ornamentation.

What triggered the masses was what the letters read. It spelled out ‘USA Vote Trump’ in a much fancy form.

However, one should not immediately jump into a conclusion. People are still dubious whether the fancy display was an artistic work of an employee of the store, or if the letters were re-arranged to make it appear like ‘USA Vote Trump’ by customers, who are cheering up for Trump to win the elections.

There’s much dubiousness. Instantly boycotting the store is an irrational decision.

Several expressed their opinions on social media. Hank Green tweeted, ‘Aren’t we pretty much aware that customers do not play by the book? They could easily re-arrange the letters and call it a day. This is definitely an old-fashioned gig. If you ask me, I would rather succumb to being scandalized at Hobby Lobby. At least, it will be a loud cry for the employers at the store to keep an eye on the kind of health care that the employees are being provided.’

There’s a reason why it was safe to conclude that social media was firing up with hundreds of comments and posts. Let’s take a look at some other posts.

A social media user commented about how piousness towards Christianity was hovering through the stores. It was the very first time the user dropped by the Hobby Lobby. It was an overwhelming experience for sure. Loud music, singing praises of Lord Jesus, was way too extreme to fathom. Was secularism up for a toss? The user did state that he had to wash and rinse off the hypocrisy when he hurled back home. Promoting religion in a market place is not acceptable.

There were several anguished social media users. One of them tweeted that Hobby Lobby won’t earn a single penny, out of his wallets, or any family members. It would be a sin to step foot in the awful Hobby Lobby yet again.

What popped as a breather amid the hate was a tweet by Kaya Jones, a popular conservative entertainer. She went ahead and tweeted, ‘My love for Hobby Lobby is undying. It is a pleasure to have Hobby Lobby in the neighborhood.’ To sum it up, she did an impressive finishing by including an emoji of the American flag.

Author Dan Gainor did not steer clear from the Twitter game. He wrote, ‘Aren’t people always scribing down something against Hobby Lobby for the longest time now? It is outright idiocracy. Is the Left that brainless? Oh yes! They indeed love showcasing foolishness.’

Speaking of Authors, Tim Gun, the eminent author, could not hold his horses too. He went on and tweeted that Hobby Lobby would embrace boycotts, fueled by the Left.

Did people forget about the turn of events during their previous attempt to veto out Goya? The results were fantastic, actually. There was a massive surge in the sale of beans. It is time for Hobby Lobby to enjoy a flourishing boost in business.

Remember David Green, the famous CEO making a power-punch statement, back in 2016? He clearly stated that if Americans value freedom of religion even a tad bit, electing Donald Trump will guarantee an obstruction-free experience.

It is better to select a President who will reinforce the Supreme Court and not stand in its way. This is who President Trump is.