Masked Woman Screams At Children, “I Hope You All Die”


Dr. Fauci construed COVID-19 and put forward a series of protocols that everyone needs to follow. These protocols are strenuous but are highly recommended and essential.

One of the protocols is to wear masks at all times. The idea of wearing masks appears simple. Most people who have been strictly following the protocols are exasperated to the ones who don’t. A particular incident is when a woman at Walmart lost her cool and screamed at little children. 

A mid-aged woman in Gainesville, Georgia, screamed at a mother and her little kids for not wearing a mask. Another customer at the store captured a video of the incident. The video became viral in social media. In an instant, the video spread across the country and received rage comments. The footage became a topic in multiple social media channels and shows, too.

The incident happened on the 20th of July 2020 and showed the woman screaming at three small children. She said, “I hope you all die.”

Details about the Viral Video

The video begins with two women fighting on whether wearing masks is mandatory or not. They argued on how important it is for children to wear masks. 

Georgia has not mandated the use of face masks, yet many localities within Georgia have imposed their requirements. For instance, the Atlanta Officials announced that children below ten are not expected to wear a mask. 

The mother of the three children was identified to be Desiree Alis Vansickle. Mrs. Vansickle stressed that children below a certain age don’t wear any masks to schools. Thus, it would be absurd to ask the little ones to wear masks to malls. She asked, “Even the schools don’t require children under 10 to wear masks. Why would I make them wear it?”

The older woman coldly replied, “I hope you all die.” She focused all her anger on one of Mrs. Vansickle’s children. The older woman continued, “I hope you all die. You are going to kill my husband and me.” 

The older woman chose to walk away when she had enough of Mrs. Vansickle and her little ones. The mother of three yelled back, “That is a great thing to say to someone.” In one of the press reports, Mrs. Vansickle revealed that she left Walmart crying and shaking. She was utterly disturbed and hurt by the words of the older woman. 

It was quite sure that the older woman was not pleased with those who didn’t wear a mask. However, the crowd chose to ignore the woman and her harsh behavior, although Mrs. Vansickle was displeased with the lady’s swearing on her family.

Rules at the Walmart Store 

Although Georgia doesn’t mandate the use of masks, especially for little ones – Walmart has a unique set of rules for its shoppers. For example, no one is allowed to enter the mall without masks. Regardless of the local government regulations, shoppers are expected to follow these protocols if they wish to shop at Walmart.

The store has a Health Ambassador (who wear black polo t-shirts) to ensure that everyone wears a mask upon entering. However, when a customer is not wearing a mask, they are not apprehended and prohibited from entering as reported by The New York Times, during an interview with Walmart. 

Meanwhile, Mrs. Vansickle also told the media that she did not intend to visit Walmart the other day. It was a surprise visit; hence, she was not prepared with face masks. She said that the Health Ambassador asked them to wear masks, but didn’t stop them when they didn’t have one.