Manhunt Begins: Multiple People Escape Australia’s COVID Concentration Camp…

Manhunt Begins Multiple People Escape Australia's COVID Concentration Camp...
Image From Video Below...

TheSaltyCracker – Multiple People Escape From a Totally Not Coof Concentration Camp

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NEVER… give up your weapons… THIS… is what happens!

never give up the 2A

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AND THIS IS WHY I REFUSE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THINGS LIKE THE “Support the Blue PAC”. These are COPS enforcing these rules (NOT laws, but dictates from the executive unleavened by even the pretense of democracy). These are COPS kicking in doors and pepper spraying little kids for not wearing masks indoors. 62% of Sheriffs’ offices have taken oaths and made promises NOT to support these unlawful COVID dictates, to not cooperate with “sanctuary city” policies, to not enforce unlawful gun laws and regulations and policies… but, so far as I know, NOT A SINGLE POLICE DEPT. HAS MADE ANY SIMILAR PLEDGE. Forget the cops and send the money to the NRA or NAGR or FPC and support your local sheriff, but do NOT cut the cops any slack unless and until they show themselves ready to stand with us. And whatever you do, do NOT give up your guns. .