Man Refuses to Remove His Massive Trump Flag in Wright County

Man Refuses to Remove Huge Trump Flag in Wright County

WCCO – CBS Minnesota – A Wright County man refuses to take down a “Trump 2020” flag that’s in violation of city ordinance, reports David Schuman

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Let him do whatever he wants lmao

I do believe we still live in the United States, or do we?

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American Man

He has the right to fly the flag , must have a lot of democrpts in city government. sue the sob

Delores Newman

City just wanting more money. Seems like you need a permit for everything and if they don’t like it they deny it. Who cares if your offended by it. Your feelings do not trump his rights. At this point they wouldn’t give him a permit anyway.

Briben biden

except if you BLM or antifa then you can riot , loot, and murder whenever you want to.

Briben biden

so riots are ok. attacking restaurants and police is ok. biden, harris, schiff, pelosi, and obama lying to the public is ok. But the trump flag! that trump flag has to go.

Someone should be rounding up the city officials at gun point and forcing them to salute the trump flag.


Right on – Flying a flag is freedom of speech – says so in the Constitution !

Do You Dice

It ain’t hurting nobody! Freedom of Speech!


Looks like a flag pole to me. And what do you put on a flag pole?

Last edited 6 months ago by vinko
Michael G Warren

TRUMP should be back in the White House ASAP! KAG!!


GOOD FOR HIM. We are proud of our flag, our culture and our freedom. God bless America. God bless our flag. God bless our patriots. God bless our President Trump.


What does the regulation say? This was just a headline with no story, unless I’m missing something.

Gerald S Ladd

If he was flying a flag that says “blow hole Joe” they’d not say a word.

Reino Linne

Dumocrats for sure, Trump mania continues in Minnesota, Biden is wrecking our Country, we need Trump and republicans whom love this Country, not illegals whom come first and Americans Last!! Stupid!


Everyone on here seems to be in touch with what’s going on. America is in more than real trouble. I think she may not recover. The once best country, may become one of the worst. All the illegals will want to leave.


Fly The Flag while we are yet Free. The real news is frightening and ominous! csot of everything is going sky high! China is practicing for war with Taiwan and the U.S..Russia is n the verge of an invasion of the Ukraine. Biden the Insane is giving billions to Iran Palestinian Terrorist, gutting energy production, preparing to raise taxes massively, BRINGING IN MILLIONS OF ILELGALS AND H1B and other Visa Workers, putting huge numbers of Americans out of jobs and home and to take elections out of our hands!. Globalsit Marxist corporations are thretenign states that try to return integrity to elections, stopng the Democrat.The Dems are intent on packing the Court with Socialist/Marxist radicals.
DC is like the Bar on the otehr side of the tracks, America has been dragged into. Biden want the Man who massacred a hundred or so at Waco to run the ATF, whci has not been funded sinc 2009. They want and intend to seize our firearms by armed force with the next set of Illegal EOs and the Politicians contiue the gam for the profits of their Globalist Corp sponsors, in busineess as usual!


Can we remove the Mexican flag that flies near me ??

John J

This man is a great American