Macy’s Debunks Narrative After Black Man Viciously Attacks White Man In Viral Video

Footage of a man, from the black community, assaulting a white man in Michigan Macy’s circulated on the internet. The individual responsible for capturing the footage stated that the white man instigated with the “N-word,” which provoked the assault. 

The man on the footage was found out to be a rapper (22 years of age) whose sibling initiated the assault to the white man. The rapper, also known as “FT Quay,” claimed that it was an automatic response for getting called with the “N-word.” In the rapper’s defense, also stated that the heat of the moment caused the assault. 

According to FT Quay:

“I just want people to know the real story of really what happened and what’s in the description of me and my brother just walking into Macy’s just minding our own business.”

“And, yes, we made a petty joke and asked the guy was the shirt too little when he could’ve asked me. He was just being funny, and just the fact of the remark that he said that we all heard. And just, what else were we supposed to do? In this age and time, he didn’t know what else to do. That was just his instinct.”

The footage graphicly displays FT Quay’s brother brutally assaulting a white man, an employee of the store, to the ground― even though the man was already crawling, FT Quay’s brothers continued the beating. 

Macy’s opposed FT Quay’s version of the story

Macy’s immediately released an announced that the assault was “unprovoked.”

The Senior Direct of Media Relations of Macy’s, Andrea Schwartz, immediately released an announcement that the assault was unprovoked. 

“We are deeply saddened about the incident that took place on Monday (June 15) at Macy’s Genesee Valley as the safety of Macy’s customers and colleagues is our top priority.

Violence in the workplace of any kind is unacceptable. All the materials from the evening have been reviewed, and it is clear that the attack was unprovoked. We are working closely with local authorities on this investigation, and will defer any further comments about the case to them per policy.”

Flint Township authorities have already begun the investigation regarding the incident in response:

“Officers learned an employee of the store was assaulted by a young black male who fled the scene with a second individual after the assault,” police said in a statement. “Store surveillance video confirmed the assault against the employee. Investigators also learned the assault was recorded by the second individual and shared on social media.”

According to local media, authorities are actively looking for the culprit and the man who captured the footage.