Louisville: Armed NFAC Militia member fires weapon – 3 Injured at BLM Protest in Baxter Park

Louisville: Armed NFAC Militia member fires weapon - 3 Injured at BLM Protest in Baxter Park
Image credit to danalbrown. Image modified from original.

Justice for Breonna Taylor” might seem like the topic of the town. This is no longer a gentle cause which has turned to be violent and fatal.

As part of justice for Breonna Taylor, three men have been shot. The armed militias were claimed to be shot by accident. However, there are multiple questions on how real the “accident” was.

The shooting happened on a Saturday afternoon, in Louisiana. Fortunately, the shooting didn’t kill the three armed militias yet caused them with non-life-threatening injuries. The Louisiana Metro Police Department identified the three victims as members of NFAC. Meanwhile, sources claim that the shooter was also a member of the militia.

Even before the accident, members of the NFAC militia were suspecting the presence of firearms. The discharge of a weapon proved them to be right. It is also noted that the woman with the weapon was a trainee. 

How did it happen, and what did they say? 

At around 1 PM, the three members of the said militia were shot at Baxter Park. The bullet came from a gun owner who is also a member of the NFAC demonstration. The Louisiana Division of Fire and LMEMS arrived at the venue thereafter and rushed the victims to the University of Louisiana Hospital.

Most of these events happened within a couple of hours. The victims and the shooter are members of the NFAC and there were no non-members involved in the act. Police investigations have begun. The regional authorities are collecting more information about the shooting. 

Some things could have gone worse! 

Though the entire incident is depressing, many believe that it could have become much worse. Those who chose to be a part of the Second Amendment Right are encouraged to act much more responsibly. 

On the other hand, police officials have been able to retrieve live footage of the incident. In this video, many NFAC members are observed at the march before the actual shootout. When the gunfire happened, few of the NFAC members dropped down to the ground. Some of the members were mildly injured. Authorities are not prepared to comment or focus on the entire group’s vetting strategy, especially for the active participants. Indeed, it would be an understatement to ask everyone to be careful during an armed march.

Imagine what could have happened worse. The event featured more than 2000 armed members. There were only nearly 300+ unarmed militias. Most of them were engaged in military-styled fatigues and had semi-automatic guns at hand. 

The Victim! 

A 26-year-old EMT was killed at the comforts of her own home. She was shot dead in her room. This incident happened during a no-knock, warrant based search.

The search was initiated to hunt down a drug trafficker. The lady who was shot is identified to be Taylor. During the incident, Taylor’s partner, Kenneth Walker was believed to have fired back at the police officials. Walker’s actions were a natural reaction to someone breaking into their property uninvited. 

However, the firing didn’t go well with Taylor. Reports reveal that Taylor was shot nearly eight times by the police officials. 

Since the incident, protesters have targeted the officers, who were responsible behind the gunfire. The protesters want the officers to be arrested and charged.  The protest went to a “whole” new level since the killing of George Floyd. 

The consequence

In June, Brett Hankison, an officer responsible for the death of Taylor was fired. He was accused of breaking protocols. 

Moreover, the Louisville police force is currently prepared for demonstrations on shut roads, and even during Saturday’s. These were precautions that allowed the NFAC members to march. 

The verdict!

The Louisville officials made certain that there is no threat to the safety of public. However, the team is not willing to tolerate any threatening force on people who were not a part of the protest.