Looks Like Trump Won, The Nerds Find the ‘Kraken’

Image credit to Wikimedia Commons.

During his latest coffee episode with Scott Adams, the artist said that it looks like Trump won based on the latest news out of Georgia.

Adams said that it has been difficult to wrap our minds around what occurred in the 2020 election until now because it’s been “complicated.” But according to him, that changed this week.

Adams added that if the alleged election fraudsters made any mistakes, they got the “computer nerds” interested. “Until the nerds were interested, it was a perfect crime,” he remarked.

Adams then asked, “Do you know what nerds can do?” The nerds can “simplify,” he answered for the viewers.

Adams explained that the “nerds,” which he said and meant no offense with, were reportedly able to access the computer logs and analyze the data. The analysis done by the “nerds” revealed that President Trump’s vote count turned negative at the same time that Joe Biden’s count went positive in Georgia.

Adams was referring to a presentation given during a Georgia Senate hearing this week.

Adams concluded that only time would tell whether the Democrats can debunk the computer experts and “nerds,” but according to him, Trump entered 2021, having won the 2020 election.