Looking for a job that doesn’t require the jab? This employment service has you covered…

Looking for a job that doesn't require the jab? This employment service has you covered...
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Rebel News – Thousands of skilled professionals across Canada have lost their jobs simply because of their COVID-19 vaccination status. If that’s you — a B.C. man named George Douklias has created a non-discriminatory employment service called Jabless Jobs, showcasing companies who are hiring that will not discriminate against applicants who are unvaccinated.

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58 Here…. too young/to poor to retire…. lost my job due to refusing the jab. There is not a lot to do without a vax pass, money is running out, and my government has deemed me unfit to be in society. Just this news of such a service existing, has given me a bit of hope. Maybe the world is not completely crazy. I dont like my life much now. I needed to see this story. I want to work.

Amen !!!!!!!!!!! Also F Joe Biden !!!!

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F- Joe Biden… even in the height of Aids these person where not separated for others!! At one time Fauci said you can get Aids from touching counter tops to bath room seats! How wrong Fauci was then and how wrong Fauci is now! #FIRERFAUCI and Covid will fade away like the seasonal flu! This is an egregious usurping the constitution of the United States! In other words illegal and this is not China!


Hitler has arisen to run your government! All Hail!