Look Who’s Funding Biden’s Insane Tax Plan…

Look Who's Funding Biden's Insane Tax Plan...

The Next News Network – Mike Lachance from American Lookout reports, Remember when Democrats claimed that they were against outside groups and billionaires having too much influence in our politics? That’s all over now that they’re in charge.

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It just keeps getting worse this administration has sold America and its freedoms away .

Someone needs to get rid of this evil, unethical and immoral fool.

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Briben biden

George soros is the worse person on earth. We need to have a civil war at his house

Stacy Dougherty

America must do what we know is right and if I say it once I will say this a million times: Can you imagine if we threw Soros in prison and seized his assets as an enemy of the United States today? What would the democrats do?

Carlos de la Fuente

What do you expect from a guy who turned in his own to the NAZIs, aiding Hitler’s “Final Solution” so he could save his own skin and profit from it while his neighbors and others were marched to concentration camps.


In a few years he will just be a piece of rotten meat