Look: CNN’s Latest Ratings are Laughable!

Look: CNN's Latest Ratings are Laughable!

During former President Donald Trump’s term, CNN thrived by continuously attacking anything they could about him. However, following the brief post-election spike, the network’s ratings have only continued to decline.

During the first three weeks of the year, CNN averaged 2.2 million viewers. But ever since President Joe Biden took office, the network has gone through a shocking decline in viewership of 54 percent.

In the age group of 25-54, CNN saw a drop in viewership of 60 percent. The network had seen an average of 617,000 viewers from December 28 to Inauguration Day, but it had drastically lowered to 244,000 since Biden was sworn in.

Despite their best efforts, leftist primetime hosts Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, and Don Lemon have been unable to keep their audiences.

For the 8-11 p.m. time slot, CNN saw a sharp decline from the crucial demographic viewership at 63 percent. The network had averaged 3.1 million viewers on the time slot from December 28 to Inauguration Day but has seen only 1.4 million since—a 55 percent decline.

In January, CNN had seen a brief viewership spike amid the Capitol riots and Trump’s challenge of the 2020 election results. However, in the same month, many of the viewers decided to stop watching on the network.

CNN had seen a more drastic decline compared to liberal MSNBC that had lost 34 percent of its daytime viewers and 30 percent of its primetime viewers. Liberal news networks have suffered under the Biden leadership, while Fox News has seen only single-digit declines.

CNN’s ratings have gotten so low, while we expect Fox News to be the most-watched cable news network for the second month in a row.

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what ratings? they are so low you need to look in the toilet to find them ! these three commie bastards need to get out of broad casting before we shut them down all together !


Everything about the Communist News Network is laughable. I fall to see how this story is new since everyone knows if it wasn’t for the FORCED watching of CNN at airports they wouldn’t have any ratings at all.


CNN is the only provider (liar) bidding on the airport gate options!


CNN pay’s the airports for their channel to be shown


If CNN did not have a captive audience at the airports, they would not have an audience at all. 


They never had any truth to speak about due to the sheer hatred of the Republican Party. Now they hide all the BS from the Biden/Obama administration and there is nothing left for them to create.


If our citizens would just open their eyes and see what ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, PBS, NYT, WaPo, Hollywood, NFL, Facebook, Twitter Antifa, BLM are doing to us and our country, by dividing us to USE us to destroy ourselves and our country FOR their democrat’s communist dictatorship agenda, they would turn them off completely.

God help us if we don’t see the light very, very soon. When those, who they have given the 30 pieces of silver to join their treason when they wake up because the dems caused THEM pain, they will be sickened to the core. When we lose all we have worked so hard for, saved, scrimped, and sacrifices and the dems take it all, so the dems can live in their lap of luxury like the Chinese dictators do, then, and only then MAYBE they will have the intelligence to SEE what they have done to us, MAYBE they will start thinking for themselves instead of letting the communist dems think for them, brainwash them, indoctrinate them, and manipulate them to do their will and obey them.

The communist dems are taking us BACKWARDS “OUT” of civilization. And, our soldiers who fought for other country’s freedoms from communism are turning over in their graves as we join those who lost their fight, as we join others who believed the communist lies that were designed to make fools out of us. The demonRAT voters gave them their power, and because of these people, we surrendered to a communist hell, and our citizens will go down in history as the most stupid people that ever lived on planet earth.


it is agreed that there are certainly deficiencies in the viewpoint of the zealots who are tearing this country to shreds


Don’t watch movies, MSM, social media, shop at local in-person businesses, boycott professional basket ball, etc sports that take a knee, tell them “take a hike”, start changing. If everyone does it, it will make an impact on them and hit them in the wallet!!

Briben biden

Cnn is pure bull schiff. Cnn is a prefect reflection of the liberals, democrats. They continously lie. They are unbelievably arrogant and they are happy to ruin people’s lives to get more power.


There is no such thing as a rating for CNN. I have never heard of them. They aren’t even on a rating scale. Who are they? LMAO!

Linda Anderson

Fantastic news. I’ll be glad when they go down to 0%. They are disgusting, and the way they treated President Trump was a disgrace. They will get what they deserve.

Bart Ohama

Don’t cnn make up their own ratings. The normal way they do ratings is to pull it out of their ass. Reason it stinks. For cnn what better group to use for ratings than their own personnel, it guarantees a good rating.


Trump ought to buy the network and rename it Conservative News Network. Rather than compete, give OAN, Newsmax, and FoxNews each a summary hour. On the same domain, have email and social networking along with news as a single integrated package.

Stacy Dougherty

There is no surprise there there.. CNN downfall was obviously to come in time.. First of all CNN is a disservice to the American viewer and who wants to listen to China propaganda lies all day long. If that is what CNN wants to pump out over the American News waves then just relocate to China! bye-bye!


It’s worse than what’s portrayed here; ANTIFA is now, in fact, attacking CNN’s cameramen. So I assume Biden will replace CNN in the Whitehouse news briefings….. FINALLY!!!!!


Were it not for Airports, and terminals, tuned to CNN there would be nothing to rate.