Look: Biden Gets in Trouble with His Handlers Again…

Look: Biden Gets in Trouble with His Handlers Again...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, Joe Biden spoke to reporters on Sunday following meetings with G7 leaders this weekend. Biden’s battery was running low and he looked and sounded exhausted at the end while reporters were shouting questions.

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His handlers are running America. Joke Biden is a piñata. Nothing more.

120 days . Joke Biden. Resident of the United States. Hardly Presidential.

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I am more afraid for those that voted for Biden than Biden himself. Having a man obviously in bad health your pick for president tells far more of this countries direction for the next four years.
Remember ever how much cheating was used to get him the presidency, he still was awarded the presidents title and honor of this country and beat Trump.
Ever what comes our way now, since it is too late for pissing and moaning so we will have to live with it. Admit it, we, the supposed smart ones, were outsmarted!

Robert Richey

We have a D+ student at best in charge of our country. Joe Biden was far from being a bright person and he has been used throughout his entire political career. When the wheels fall completely off Dumbo Joe is going to have all the blame dumped on him. I wonder how jilting Jill will feel when Joes charade is revealed?