Look at This, Is a New Tea Party Emerging?

Look at This, Is a New Tea Party Emerging?
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Attorney and New York City former Mayor Rudy Giuliani began Saturday’s segment of Rudy’s Common Sense by saying that the episode would be about organization. “We’re going to talk about how we should organize ourselves to deal with the onslaught of 42 executive decrees and a year—2020—in which many of our rights were, if not taken away, certainly eroded.”

“I think it’s important that we have a unified response as Republicans to that, and I think it should be within the context of the Republican Party,” he added. “With all this talk of another party—a Patriot Party or whatever the party—it’s a terrible, terrible mistake because I think it will ensure the dominance of the Democrat Party forever and ever. And it will also ensure that we don’t accomplish what we want to accomplish.”

Giuliani gave historical examples to make it clear why the Republican Party must unite. He started with the 26th United States President Theodore Roosevelt, who only had one term.

“He succeeded to his first term because of the death of McKinley. He was elected for one term, and then he turned it over to [Howard] Taft. And he wasn’t happy with the way Taft had governed, so he started his own party—the Bull Moose Party,” Giuliani explained. “The result of that was that he elected Wilson. [It got] to the point where many Republicans feel that was the cause of a lot of problems that would not have been caused if it hadn’t been for that mistake and dividing the vote the way he did.”

“Should we end up in another party?” the attorney asked. “What we’ve got to do is to organize based on those things that bring us together as Republicans.”

Giuliani believes that after Biden’s election and his 42 executive orders, only one side has been listened to without any debate. “Biden said that any president that governs by executive order is really taking on the aspect of a dictator,” Giuliani said. “So far in a short time in office, he’s passed more executive orders than any president during a period of time like that, so he’s going to have to live with his own description.”

After a short pause, Giuliani brings up the Tea Party movement that took place after the election of Obama, who ran as “there’s not two America—a white America and a black America—there’s just one America.” According to the attorney, Obama had “moderated” many of his views, separating himself from his earlier statements.

As soon as Obama got into the office, “it was quite clear that he had moved very heavily to the left,” said Giuliani. Obamacare was passed with just Democrat votes, and the “Republicans cast aside, none of their ideas taken into consideration.”

According to the attorney, Obamacare’s taxes created the Tea Party movement, which was a “very constructive movement,” as it was necessary for having a Republican Congress elected in 2010 by enormous numbers.

“For someone who used the word unite or unity—I think it was 19 times in his Inaugural speech—the first thing he did when he sat down in the Oval Office is a divide,” Giuliani continued.

“We need to put together within the Republican Party, the Committee to Restore Our Rights,” Giuliani said. “We could come up with a better name, but we need a committee to restore our rights like our founding fathers did—as those Tea Party people did in their opposition to Obama.”

“We can come together on this. We can come together on fighting back against this in a lawful way, in a strong way, and most importantly in a United way,” he went on.

“Maybe you feel more strongly about the abortion part, and somebody else feels more strongly about the free speech part, or somebody else feels more strongly about what they’re going to do to energy independence or favoring China,” he said. “So we help each other, and we unite that way.”

He concluded, “We’ll be right back, we’ll make a comeback like never seen before, and we’ll have a free country, a stronger country, a better country, and an honest country.”

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Jorge BArreiro

UNITY IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS! Watch Dems. and learn the art of politics! Republicans look like beginners, while Democrats are giving so many lessons on how to succeed in politics. It is an art that Republicans are dismissing while internally fighting for little parcels, unimportant at the end of the day!
Wake-up folks, and learn from the experts. They may not be what we desire, but their practices are leading them to success. Dirty tricks are current in politics, and Democrats know them profoundly.
Republicans, it’s about time to learn from the pro’s.