Lin Wood: Pence Could Face Death by Firing Squad

Image credit to Wikimedia Commons. Image modified from original.

Attorney L. Lin Wood has made some of the boldest claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, and she has not stopped. On Friday, she tweeted that Vice President Mike Pence could be arrested and face imprisonment for treason and execution by firing squad.

It appears that Wood was referring to a theory that Pence has the power to block Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’ election as President and Vice President, respectively, when Congress meets to certify the Electoral College votes on Wednesday, January 6th.

On the last week of December, Representative Louis Gohmert and other representatives filed a lawsuit to compel Pence to intervene in the Electoral College certification. The lawsuit argued that several states followed unconstitutional processes of choosing electors.

In response, Pence argued in a filing opposing the lawsuit that he does not have that discretion and that the issue is up to Congress.

According to Wood, Republicans shared responsibility for the “theft of the election,” and there would be “arrests for treason.”

A fellow Twitter user questioned his logic, saying, “So Pence will save the election as President of the senate then get arrested. Not a chance. Something in your logic doesn’t add up. Please explain.” Wood replied:

Last month, Breitbart News had reported that Wood has voted for and donated to Democrats in the past. Wood has also made nationwide voter fraud claims involving the Dominion voting machines and the Chinese Communist Party.