Lightfoot Defends Her Racist Policy on Live TV!

She Defends Her Racist Policy on Live TV!
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot defended her racist interview policy and basically argued that since she’s a black lesbian Democrat, she’s allowed to exclude whites.

Top Comments:

If that is the official position of the office of mayor of Chicago, then discrimination lawsuits should be filed!

After she’s done destroying Chicago Lightfoot should apply for the next Beetlejuice sequel just saying

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Nothing new here from the extremely racist demonrat party!!!


Anyone else saying what she said would already be on a recall list. Wonder why obama is not opening his big mouth at all about this – oh she could be his younger sister by a different mother/father so he cannot talk the truth about this female dog.

Won Hung Lo

Don’t disparage dogs; they are kind and trustworthy. She’s a street savage product of the streets of Chicago, less than human.

Michael wisley

Neither one


Blatant racism, plain and simple. She should be removed from office by impeachment or forced resignation.

Richard N Liberatore

She was a One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater….


But remember she is a RADICAL RACIST , RACE BAITER , BIGOTIMUS , FRAUD , CON , and a all out THUG.


OMG, really!???? Stupid site. Learn the facts.


Lightfoot is a racist bigot .
This women and I use that term lightly is a racial Democrat. Vote her gone like the wind!

Theo Ely

how hateful, hate crime?