Libs TRIGGERED After Pelosi Props Up What They HATE The Most

Libs TRIGGERED After Pelosi Props Up What They HATE The Most
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The Next News Network – Cassandra Fairbanks from The Gateway Pundit reports, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has finally said something that makes sense — that the country needs a “big, strong Republican Party.”

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No lady, it’s time the Republicans take back America for the people.

She’s just insulting PRESIDENT TRUMP and belittling Conservatives. She wants all the RHINOS back in power.

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Harry Balls

Nancy Pelosi is a huge, stinkin’ turd!!


Pathetic Pelosi is losing it even more these days. She cant remember which political party she is with. Her mind is going faster than OBidens. She has never done anything for the American people, just for her rich partners in crime. Worst Speaker Ever!


I’m guessing – if Pelosi said it – she is talking about the Republican party that would work with who ever was in charge to keep things working who would work with Today’s democratic party that is only a short inch away from being Socialists and will not give an inch when they are not in Charge to keep things working!! She is a selfish, self serving, wealthy, person who feels entitled to rule the “little people”!

Ronald Dunne

She’s a ratty old (ex) “California Girl”- now a hag- who is losing her mind and grasping at the straws of her power… I dont think I should express my true feelings about her here because that sort of language would get me banned from the site…

Last edited 25 days ago by Ronald Dunne

Pelosi wants the old GOP back, the one that was owned by the CEO’s who fund and operate the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the same one the RINO’s in Congress still support. The candidates from that old GOP were the ones who folded under the attacks by their Democrat opposition, the ones who supported the policies that raised our taxes and sent our jobs overseas.
President Trump ushered in a new GOP. One that supports and protects the rights, financial and personal, of everyday American citizens and stands solidly against the Socialist designs of the Democrats. This new Republican party and its members are exactly who we need to defeat the Democrat’s agenda.