LIAR: Biden is Caught Telling a Phony Amtrak Story…

LIAR: Biden is Caught Telling a Phony Amtrak Story…

Joe Biden has proven that not even being the United States President will end his career of lying.

Last week, while speaking at Amtrak’s 50th-anniversary event, Biden claimed that he was congratulated for traveling a total of 1.5 million miles.

“When I became vice president, one of the Capitol Hill newspapers estimated that I had taken more than 7,000 round trips on Amtrak over my career. I think that’s an exaggeration. I’m going to rely on those two conductors… one of them was a guy named Angelo Negri,” Biden began.

“There was an article, I guess my fourth or fifth year as vice president, saying ‘Biden travels 1,300,000 miles on Air Force One.’” He continued, “I used to — the Secret Service didn’t like it — but I used to like to take the train home. My mom was sick, and I used to try to come home almost every weekend as vice president to see her.”

“I got on the train, and Angelo Negri came up, and he goes, ‘Joey, baby,’ and he grabbed my cheek like he always did. I thought he was going to get shot. I’m serious. I said, ‘No, no, he’s a friend.’” Biden went on. “He said, ‘Joey, what’s the big deal? 1,300,000 miles on Air Force Two? Do you know how many miles you traveled on Amtrak?’ I said, ‘No, Angie, I don’t know.’ He gave me the calculation, and he said, ‘You traveled 1,500,000 miles on Amtrak.’”

He added, “The fact is, I’d probably take Angie’s word before I’d take the word of what the article said.”

But, according to Fox News, Biden’s story is full of lies.

For instance, Negri’s obituary says that he retired from Amtrak in 1993, while Biden’s mother, Catherine Eugenia Finnegan, died in 2010. Finally, Biden’s office had celebrated his 1 millionth mile on Air Force Two in 2015.

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So, what is new? The only thing new is the lie he tells each day.


hes been lying his whole life and plagiarized every speech hes ever given and has told the same story about his ol man since hes been in office since 73 he lied about his scores at law school he lied about how smart he was hes been repeating the same ol shit his whole life so he dont know the lie from reality in his feeble mind he thinks hes telling the truth.


He’s so confused it’s a miracle he even remembers to get out of bed in the morning.


Wait until you hear he visited Mars.


I’m so sick of this fool, this imposter, this lying, moronic, brain-dead a-hole!