Let’s Discuss the Creepy Picture the Bidens Took with the Carters

It's Time to Talk About the Creepy Picture the Bidens Took with the Carters

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– Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit reports, Joe Biden and his Nurse Jill stopped by Jimmy Carter’s home earlier this week. The two couples took a photo together. And notice Joe and Jill are not wearing their masks.

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His “patriotic duty” is to CONFESS AND TURN HIMSELF IN FOR TREASON !!!

“Honey, I shrunk the Carter’s”🔎

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Stephen I Mayo

Silly and sad. Whatever you may say, Jimmy Carter was a bold and brave, as well as mightily mistaken president. None of his policies worked here or abroad but his sincerity was plain and clear. On energy, despite his engineering background, he squandered opportunities to make oil cartels irrelevant. On economics, encouraged zero growth and fostered recession with his negativity. He was blind to Israel’s legitimacy and ignored her existential peril. But he seemed an honest man; incapable of the scheming, distortion and outright prevarication that Biden has practiced for decades.


i agree! but he could never say no!that’s what caused inflation to soar to 14%!

Everett Skaggs

it looks like no one is has a mask why only erport about the Bidens? also I think it is a great photo op.don’t be so judgmental