Leo Terrell Goes Nuclear Over Biden’s Racist Rant…

Leo Terrell Goes Nuclear Over Biden's Racist Rant...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network
– Alex Parker from RedState reports, Leo Terrell doesn’t think too highly of Joe Biden. Earlier this week, Joe Biden gave a speech in Tulsa, Oklahoma Tuesday that may not have hit it out of the park.

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Haven’t you heard? If you are a democrat, you can be as racist as the summer day is long, and you get a pass.

Creepy Joe is so racist, he can’t even hide it. Same thing with his attraction to babies.~js

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Leo Roars.. Give them HELL TERRELL..

Lorraine E Blazich

It really doesn’t matter how much damage the democrats have done do to the minorities in our country, the African Americans have been taught to always vote straight democrat in all elections. The democrats are actually their enemy but it is a standard method of operation to always to vote straight democrat irrespective of the fact that the democrats are not now or ever have been their friends.


Biden will NEVER be my President. Anyone but him would be a LOT better! Every time he talks makes me know he is NOT smart enough to be the President! Better retiree!

Nancy J

I can think of one worse. CommonLaw Harris. His V.P. If she were to take over that office, it would be one disaster after another. Well, pretty much like Bidumb himself. If she was knocked out of the race then PUlosi would take the President’s seat. Good God, please help America Lord, because this bunch of losers will take us so far down, I’m not sure anyone will be able to bring us back up.


Nothing more meaningful and joyful to watch than Leo Terrell, an ex-Democrat giving it to Biden like nobody else can!