Leftists Panic Sets in as Deep State Tries to Silence Eyewitnesses


In Dr. Steve Turley’s new podcast episode, he claims that the “deep state operatives are trying to intimidate eyewitnesses to voter fraud.” He says that the deep state is “actually trying to intimidate and silence eyewitnesses to illegal voting.” He also took note of how the Trump administration is “getting closer to overturning these election results and scoring an astonishing victory.”

According to Dr. Turley, the Democrats and the “mainstream Marxist media” have “colluded to coordinate.” As the left attempts to push the fraud, the reality is starting to set in, and they’re beginning to panic or at least, get nervous.

Dr. Turley cited an article from The Nation titled Trump Is Trying to Overturn the Election, but I’m not Panicking—Yet. According to him, this is the fake news that the media appoints presidents rather than electors.

Dr. Turley claims that when you read through this article, you’ll see a “representative nervousness” that the Trump administration is indeed exposing such a significant level of voter fraud and constitutional violations that could overturn the election results.

“The key here is to recognize that the Trump legal team first and foremost has a single goal, and that’s to prevent the certification of the election results as they currently stand by the secretaries of the states of these particular states on the grounds that the election results are compromised and are compromised by at least three factors,” Turley says.

The first of the three factors is that various acts of election fraud were witnessed by hundreds of people who signed affidavits under the penalty of perjury. “All detailed eyewitness accounts of election fraud in the forms of counting illegal ballots or changing ballots, or preventing Republican poll watchers from seeing the ballots as they’re being counted and the like.”

According to Dr. Turley, Republican National Committee chair Wrona McDaniel has over 500 signed affidavits detailing over 11,000 cases of voter fraud. Over 130 eyewitnesses signed affidavits in the state of Michigan alone, all of whom are willing to testify regarding flagrant election violations.

Turley cited James O’Keeffe’s “investigation of how federal agents have actively tried to coerce a U.S. Postal Service whistleblower to water down his story so that the media could run around and gleefully report.” 

According to Turley, all of these eyewitness testimonies are crucial to getting the courts and legislatures to put a stop to the certifying of the election results.

The second factor is that Trump’s legal team have argued that the election results are “compromised” because “non-legislature officials such as judges in Pennsylvania set the time, place, and manner of the election when Article one, Section four of the Constitution explicitly states that the setting of the time, place and manner of any election is the sole responsibility of the state legislatures.”

The third factor, according to Turley, is that “Trump voters have been disenfranchised by ballot machine glitches and malfunctions, such as the more infamous ones coming out of the Dominion voting systems, which have demonstrably changed thousands, if not tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of votes that were originally cast for Trump over to Biden.”

Dr. Turley summarizes that these affidavits, unconstitutional decisions, and disenfranchisement of the three main arguments are being used to stop the certification of the election results.

Turley proceeded to quote a review that found 10,000 deceased people in Michigan alone, who supposedly returned mail-in ballots.

Dr. Turley believes that “the most likely scenario is that the level of voter fraud was such that a recanvas and a recount will switch a couple of states back to Trump and give them the election in return.”

However, if Trump and his campaign are successful at turning over some states into his column, Turley believes that the Biden campaign won’t just roll over, they’ll take it to court.

According to Turley, the first goal is to put a stop to the certification of the votes by the various secretaries states in these contested states. The second goal is to “either flip the state by virtue of re canvassing and recounting, which will purge the fraudulent votes from the total and turn the state back to Trump or to get the courts, the Supreme Court ultimately to invalidate the vote in these states.”

If the ballot box votes are invalidated, no candidate will by definition have 270 electoral votes. In this situation, the Constitution requires that the House of Representatives take up the responsibility of electing the president, where each state gets one vote.

Delegates are sent to represent each state and get one vote. All 31 states led by the Republicans will go against the 19 states led by the Democrats, which is why the Democrats are starting to get nervous.

“The only way Trump actually loses this election is if he concedes, which, of course, he won’t,” Turley said. “But if he doesn’t concede and if Republican legislatures or the courts invalidate the vote in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, then minus 270, this goes to Congress and this election goes to Congress. The Democrats have lost. Biden actually loses hands down.”

If this goes to Congress, Trump will get re-elected, and that’s why the Democrats are starting to panic. “That’s why we’re seeing the deep state trying to intimidate eyewitnesses. They know that if this goes to Congress as it could very well.”

If that happens, Biden will lose and Trump will win.