Lawmaker Rips Pelosi’s “Failed Rail Project” Funding

GOP lawmaker RIPS Pelosi's

Forbes Breaking News – Rep. Rodney Davis speaks on the House floor.

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Trump gave these Republicans back bones now. Shut the Democrats down. Don’t let them push this through. This should be for Americans

if the whole 1.9 trillion went to the taxpayers every man woman and child would receive 17,000$.

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Should Billionaires and major Corporations decide our elections ??
Why should Bill Gates be able to influence elections more then you or I ? Because he can donate millions of dollars !! Does a corporation vote ? how about a union ? Yet the money they donate to campaigns have tremendous effects on the election results. How does a really poor person affect an election His vote and the $10.00 he donates has almost no effect. Bill Gate and George Soros also have one vote each but they are responsible for millions of dollars of ads that influence elections.
What if only beings that can legally vote could make election donations ? What if there was a cap on donations so that the donation of a poor person would have an effect and the donation of a Bill or George would have an equal effect and the wishes of a Corporations would have no effect.