Lara Trump: This is terrifying for the future of our country…

Lara Trump This is terrifying for the future of our country...
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Fox News – Fox News contributor reacts to indoctrination in the US school system on ‘Justice with Judge Jeanine

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Any decor that says “F” anything in a CHILD’S CLASSROOM is disgustingly and morally WRONG!!! That teacher needs no further child platform

China is jumping for joy that they don’t have to do anything to weaken America.

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I can’t think that we could have elected anyone who could have so willfully or inadvertently executed any more damage to the USA? It will be interesting to see, but this is what I think – Far Left operatives got around and behind “Good Old Joe” who they would have noticed was losing touch with thinking processes. Jill had/has to be involved – couldn’t have happened otherwise. Further, they pick the worst vote getter of any of the democrats who announced they were running for president as his VP, thus eliminating any BIG push to get rid of an elderly obviously into dementia President! Our foreign policy is a debacle (with amateurs making decisions behind the curtain), our border was turned into a raging mess almost the first week of this administration and is leaking drugs, children and young female traffickers for porn and sex trade, and getting into the millions of a flood of people needing help from all over the world! They “manage” that by staying away from the border and denying that there is “Any Problem” – no matter rapes, children deserted, assaults, drugs, and sex trafficking and way too many helpless illegals to be able to assimilate with any sort of order!?” Even if I’m wrong and Good Old Joe is actually making all these decisions, it is the same WRECK!! God, HELP US!!!


“Good old Joe” has never been good. He’s always been a lying stupid corrupt POS! The only thing that’s changed with this lump of runny shit is the fact that now he’s senile.